Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb 5: Super Bowl!

Gray and Purple Comfy Outfit

Gray and Purple Comfy Outfit by bunni711 featuring long rings

So today was the Super Bowl party at Jamie's house (of course!)  I had a pretty good time, but there were some moments when I wish there had been less children in the room!  Half time was about the worst part in terms of noisiness.  I would've liked to have heard Madonna - I'm not really a fan, but the show looked pretty good.

We weren't able to watch the Puppy Bowl this year (they don't have Animal Planet here - gasp!), but we went online and looked at the cute pictures of the starting lineup.  I'm ridiculous when it comes to puppies.

The game was pretty good.  It was really close.  I was rooting for the Patriots (I didn't really have much of a preference), but they lost.  I still think that the 2 points the Giants got at the beginning of the game were cheap, and without them the Patriots could have won with a field goal.  Oh well, it's a shame.

We had a lot of good food, including some fried chicken, sandwiches (Italian subs!), and pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian buns - you wouldn't believe how good those were!  We also had lots of snacks, including some delicious mint chocolate fudge.

I was able to submit my multimedia homework.  Apparently the submission form asked you to designate a homepage in your zipped folder.  It's pretty cool that profs can do stuff like that.

Well, today was sort of a day off, but I have to get back to work tomorrow.  I have to write a paper giving directions.  I remember doing those in middle school/ high school, but hey, why not cover the same ground again?  I'm not a fan of having to take this class, if you catch my meaning.  I learned how to write a long time ago, and I don't see how this is relevant to a computer technology degree.

I submitted a valentine for one of the Polyvore contests today.  I think it turned out really pretty.  I also started my series on Disney princesses (which I borrowed from another Polyvore-r) with Belle.  I think it turned out alright, but not my best work, probably.  The set looks a little sparse.  I don't know how many more I'll do, but it will have to wait for another day.

I'm going to go read some more while I have a little bit of free time.  I'm going to be slaving away until Thursday, in all likelihood, so I had better enjoy myself now!


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