Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 10 & 11: Happy Birthday!


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Feb 10: Today is Jamie's birthday!  I wish I had some money to get him something, but I came up with a silly idea and made some coupons for him for things like dates, picnics, kisses, etc.  It was silly but he liked it.  I wasn't able to do the surprise I had planned, but I can hopefully do it next year.

I found out that the tech writing prof decided to give me 10% off the assignment as per the policy.  She even has a note on the homework submission box that says you should make sure you leave enough time before 10pm to upload the homework or it will be late, so she really is pretty strict about it.  I was freaking out thinking she wouldn't even accept it, so I'm just relieved.

Jamie is not very good at getting everything he wants today!  He is so easy going; he just says he doesn't mind and asks me what I want.  I made him some eggs for dinner because I wanted to do stuff for him.  Plus, he made chocolate chip pancakes for me yesterday even though he couldn't have any (they would make the acid reflux worse).  He started taking that new medicine yesterday, but it is giving him headaches (that's one of the side effects).  I think it's so amazing that he doesn't complain even though he has all this stuff going on - all these aches and pains.  It makes me seem really complain-y in comparison (which I suppose I am - ugh).  He's just too lovable!

I didn't get much done today because I wanted to hang out with James on his birthday and do whatever he wanted.  We just hung out and watched tv and he played some video games.  It was a good day, though.  Other than that, I did get some networking homework done.

Feb 11: Today I finished up the labs for networking.  I just have a quiz and a short paper for that class and I have to do my JavaScript homework still.  I think I've been putting it off because I'm not sure how to approach it.  I had so much trouble with it last week that I'm not sure I will be able to get it done correctly.  I also have to reply to some discussion posts.  This has been a rough week.  I've been a little emotional, plus very stressed about what happened the other day with my directions paper (ugh!).  I'm okay about it now.  It seems like no big deal now that it's over.  I think the part that was hardest was just not knowing what was going to happen.  I'm going to just turn the papers in a day early from now on, I think.  Less worry and less chance of even coming close to the disaster of the other day.  Ugh!

We went up to the Eastwood Mall today.  It was pretty fun.  James and I wandered around and looked in some stores.  We went into Shoe Dept. and James was thinking of buying some PF Flyers.  He thought he could get them for cheaper online, so he didn't get them.  They seem to be more expensive, though.  I tried on some amazing high top converses that were black with red stitching that I want sooo bad.  They were $45 and I obviously have no money.  But I can still lust after them.  I also saw some pretty pointy shoes that were only $7.50, but they were super hard to walk in.

Then we looked in Bath & Body Works and I tried out some samples which smelled really good.  We also looked in a book store and a music store.  Then we met up with his parents and decided to get Chinese food from the place they go to in Jefferson instead of getting something from the food court or around the mall.  Jamie's nephew doesn't do well in sit down restaurants.

My food was delicious but I ate waaay too much.  Pretty good day, though, overall.  I'm going to have quite a bit of homework to get done tomorrow.


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