Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 25: Party Pooped

Night on the Town

Night on the Town by bunni711 featuring peep toe heels

Jamie's nephew's birthday party was today.  I didn't do a whole lot before the party but read and make sure my two web sites were finished.  The party was alright but a little boring.  I had way too many cookies, plus a very small piece of cake, and a little ice cream.  Jamie didn't eat dinner because he said he wasn't hungry, but he also wasn't feeling well.  I think he ate nothing but rolls for dinner tonight.  He seems to be feeling better now, though.

After the party, I finished my book.  It was pretty good.  There's not much to say about it besides it's a shame that abuse like that happens and people on the sidelines do nothing about it.  I  gave it three stars, and I actually finished it in 2 days since it was less than 200 pages long.  My sister listed it as one of her favorite books on goodreads.

I'm hoping to start reading 1Q84 after I finish writing this post.  I'm nervous about starting it because I'm not sure if I'll like it.  The book is over 900 pages long, so I hope I love it.  Otherwise, it's going to be a veeeery long read.

James and I watched Runaway Jury, which was pretty good.  I probably won't read the book since I disliked The Pelican Brief so much.  Other than that, I spent my night playing Picma on Kongregate while I waited for my massive video file for the yacht club site to upload onto the class assignment submission page.  It's humongous.  The zipped folder before the video was about 90KB and after I added it - well it's over 100,000KB.  I'm not even kidding; it's ridiculous.  I turned both sites in, though, and posted on the discussion boards.  All I have to do is the very last of my networking homework.

Ugh.  I'm so tired after the excitement of the day.  I guess the party really wore me out for some reason.  After it was over, I was nodding off just sitting on the couch.  I've been a little grumpy since then - sorry James!  He is laying down again tonight.  It's almost midnight, but it's still a little out of the ordinary.  I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Well, I'm off to go start that mammoth book!  Wish me luck...


Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 24: Dog Tired

Disney Princesses: Cinderella

Disney Princesses: Cinderella by bunni711

I got a good chunk of work done today.  I started working some more on my JavaScript homework and realized I wasn't going to be able to figure out the first project.  I started on the second one late last night, making up some cute menu options, but realized today as I was working on them that I needed to make the menus in code instead of using an image.  I was getting pretty frustrated because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to figure it all out before it was due.

Once I started working on project two, though, things were going pretty well.  I actually finished everything today and I'm really proud of how it turned out.  I used pull-down menus with really cute colors and set the links with pull-down lists apart from the others with >>arrows<< around them.  It looks really cute.  Then I found a really cute recipe card to write out the recipe of the week on (it's a cooking site).  I think it really makes the site, actually.  I added the other sections and used a some clipart of a knife and fork for the bullets.  After I finished everything up, I decided I had to do something about the logo we were supposed to use for the page.  It was horrendous.  I ended up making something really cute.  Just now as I was writing about the page, I realized I had forgotten to include the picture that went with the recipe, so I added it in real quick (well, I had to do some fiddling, but it didn't take long).

I also finished up the yacht club tour page.  I had the video done, but made a few little tweaks to it today.  Then I added a heading, some text about what was in the video (for people who can't watch it), and links on the bottom in case the link image doesn't show up.  I think it looks really good, too.  This is one of those days where I feel like I chose the right field for myself.  It's a relief.

I also started reading A Child Called "It" and it's interesting.  I'm hoping to start 1Q84 soon - I'm pretty excited about it.  I think that if I can't finish Catch-22 before it's due, I'll just have to get it out again some other time, because I have no idea if someone else will put a hold on 1Q84.  Now that I've finished The Help, I want to watch the movie even more.  Hopefully soon!

Jamie got some work done earlier while I read.  He hasn't been feeling very well since he started taking the new medicine.  He's been really tired all the time.  Plus, last night he got up in the middle of the night because he got sick.  It's one of the possible side effects of the new medicine, so he called the doctor today about it.  She said to keep taking it and go to the ER if it happens again.  I feel worried about him, though because he's just so tired and he's getting really cold now.  He's even lying down now and it's only 11:30pm.  He never naps.  Never.  He isn't snoring right now so I keep looking over to make sure he's still breathing.  I always get a little paranoid like that when I love someone.  I mean, I do it all the time with Teddy (especially since he likes to sleep completely under the covers).  I just love that man too damn much for anything to happen to him.

I don't have a lot of homework left - just some discussion posts due Sunday, and a couple of quizzes and a short paper due Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Jamie's nephew's birthday party - at 4pm.  I'm not really looking forward to it, but I'm not really one for gatherings.  I like sitting at home with James and just watching tv and movies, reading, spending time online - stuff like that.  The good thing is that I don't have to worry about homework since most of it is already done.

I do have to get going on that proposal, though.  I read more about it in the textbook and now I am thinking I'll do a recommendation for a company to get a full-time counselor to help their employees.  I know a lot about psychology already, so I think it's a good fit for my   topic.  I'm going to get an outline written out soon (probably tomorrow) and then I can start on my research.  We have to include graphics, too, but I'm not sure how many.  The examples in the book all have two, so I think that's probably what she's looking for.  It's nice not to have anything due for that class for a few weeks, but I know I need to get working on that paper soon so it turns out well.  She said she wants it to look like we spent 5 weeks on it.  I don't know, I think I'm just going to be so relieved when I'm through with this class.

One scary thing is that we start two more classes next Thursday!  I keep forgetting to start looking around to buy my access code for one of the classes.  I need to get on that!  It seems like there is always something to think about / worry about, but things are alright.  I'm happy to be back here with James and I just want to spend time with him and try to enjoy myself (while still getting all that work done!)

We had Subway for dinner - I had a chicken marinara melt and it was delicious.  You know, I just realized that James did not play any video games today.  That is beyond weird.  And it just makes me a little more worried.  I hope he either gets taken off of this new medicine or his body starts getting used to it soon so that it doesn't bother him anymore or make him so dang tired all the time.  I hate to see him not feeling well... Well, that's about it - have a good night!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22: Trivial Pursuits

Sequins from Day to Night

Sequins from Day to Night by bunni711 featuring a pave necklace

Today I woke up to find my ponytail had fallen out of the sock bun and thus, no curls.  Actually, it might not have been because it fell out.  My hair was so thick last night that I could barely get it into a ponytail.  It's so strange because usually I have very limp, thin hair.  It may have been because I had to use Head n' Shoulders (it was the only shampoo we had at home), but I honestly don't know.  It could have been many things, but the fact is that there were no curls.  I actually had to wet my hair again just so it would look normal because there were some weird kinks in it.  *sigh*  I hope that first time was not a fluke!

I finished my book this morning and it was really good.  This is my review:

The HelpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautiful, touching book. A must-read.

View all my reviews

I'm very happy with it.  It really was a touching book (like I said) and it really made me think.  I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

After that, I made some lunch and cleaned up some in the kitchen.  I need to get used to cleaning more for when James and I get our own place.  I watched the last 30 Rock episode that I missed during lunch (although we did miss this week's episode, so I have another one to watch!)  That was the only show I watched from the ones I've missed.  I'm very behind, but homework is more important at this point, so they can wait a bit.

Jamie came over after lunch.  He's on a new medication that makes him drowsy.  He looked so dang cute all sleepy when he walked in.  I missed him so much.  We watched some tv and then headed over to the library.  The book I have on hold (The Hunger Games) isn't in yet.  I wasn't planning on getting anything else out (we just had some stuff to take back), but I saw that they finally had 1Q84 back, so I snatched it up while I had the chance.  I also got out A Child Called "It" which my sister Meghan liked a lot.  I'm not sure if I'll like it, but it is on my list of books to read.

After we got back, we started playing Trivial Pursuit (yeah, now my post name doesn't sound so witty, does it?)  We play it strangely - first you have to get all the wedges, then you have to make it exactly to the center.  If you go over, you have to go onto another spoke of the wheel in the center.  You have to get more questions right until you get to the center (that part takes awhile).  It's just meant so that the other person has time to finish getting their wedges before you win the game.  Once you get in the center, you have to roll and you're asked the question that corresponds to what you rolled (1=blue question, 6=orange question).  Once you get one of those right, finally you win!

After James won the game, I thought it would be fun to see who could answer an entire card right first.  James got that, too, but I tell you, he got so lucky!  I tried like a zillion more cards and never got a whole one!  I got pretty close a few times, though.  After a while, it started getting pretty old.  I was tired and grumpy that I couldn't get a whole card, so we just stopped.  Plus, we were both getting hungry.  I had some nutella on bread while we were waiting on supper.  Then we had some chili dogs and seasoned wedge fries which were delicious!

Later we watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and snuggled Teddy.  I miss my Teddy bear when I'm at Jamie's but every time we leave, he ignores us so that maybe we won't go.  I think it's because we would always make a big deal of hugging and kissing him before we would go somewhere.  I love that little sausage.  After we got to Jamie's house, I worked more on that video for the yacht club site.  I think I'm finished, but I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.  Good night!


Feb 22: A Bit of a Grump

What to Wear: Meeting The Bachelor

What to Wear: Meeting The Bachelor by bunni711 featuring wedding dresses

Today I woke up in a bad mood.  I had a rough night and was really tired this morning.  Everyone at home was grumpy, which didn't make it better.  I spent most of the morning reading my book.  I'm close to the end, which is kind of sad because I really like it.  I got on Polyvore later and made this outfit and another one.  I'm doing a series of What to Wear sets that give a situation and (obviously) what to wear for it.

Later, I came out and watched some tv and cuddled Teddy on the couch.  I was pretty sleepy but actually didn't take a nap today.  I didn't take one yesterday, either, but I really felt it then.  Later on, I started on my labs and got through all of the last chapter.  Now I'm all done with labs, hooray!  I kind of liked doing them, though.  Don't tell anyone.  I was, nonetheless, practically falling asleep during them.

We had my favorite meal for dinner tonight: Chicken Noodle Casserole.  I love that stuff.  I could eat it all the time.  I caught the new episode of Face Off and worked on my multimedia homework.  I changed the links on the site so now they are a lot easier to read and go better with the look of the rest of the site.  I also started on the video for this week's homework.  I'm doing a slideshow of the pictures they have on the "tour" page of the yacht club's current site (that's the site I'm working on).  It looks really cool so far, but I'm going to have to work on it some more tomorrow.  I'm not sure what else to put on that page, but I may do a gallery of pictures for people who can't watch the video.  I also want to have a little bit of text or at least a title.

Well, I'm ready for bed, plus I want to read some more before I go to sleep.  Also, I'm going to go try the sock bun curls again.  I might post the directions I did for my technical writing class on how to do sock bun curls.  It might be helpful since some of the other instructions online can be confusing.  Probably the best way to learn how to do them is through a video (this is the one I used).  Just be warned that I did not listen to the video with sound, so I don't know what she sounds like or if her spoken directions are easy to follow/confusing.  But I did learn how to do the sock bun curls without the sound, so it shouldn't be bad.  One of her commenters did say she sounds funny, though.  I wouldn't know, but you've been warned.

Off to bed, then!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21: Makin' Magic

What to Wear: First Date

What to Wear: First Date by bunni711 featuring studded handbags

I stayed up kind of late last night, but woke up at a decent time and wasn't too tired.  I finished up a chapter of labs after lunch (a lunch of fried balogna).  I hung out with Teddy most of the morning and afternoon while my parents helped my cousin out with something. She and my grandma live one building over from us.

After I talked to James and worked on some homework, I watched The Bachelor.  I was surprised to find that I don't dislike Courtney anymore.  I think these shows love to create as much drama as possible and show people in a different light than how they really are.  I think she probably has a lot of trouble getting along with other people and made some mistakes when interacting with the other girls, but she doesn't seem like she's really mean or fake or not there for the right reasons.  It's too easy to dislike someone you don't know, especially if they are misunderstood by others.  I can relate because I've been misunderstood a lot in the past, but that doesn't make me an awkward, weird, or unfriendly person.  I've rubbed people the wrong way before, but it was because they didn't understand me, not because I'm a mean person.  It happened this way with Michelle a couple of seasons ago, too.  It's so easy to pick one person out as the villain and just be merciless about hating them.  I should've known better than to go along with it this time.  It's not fun realizing that you were so ready to hate someone because they were misunderstood.  I don't like being on this side of things.

I was also surprised this week to find that my previous favorite, Kacie, was no longer a girl I really liked.  As my opinions of Courtney changed, I could see that she was quick to judge as well and she was pretty mean when she spoke about her to others.  I'm not going to hate on anyone though, or I didn't really learn my lesson!  I just think she has some growing up to do - I mean, she is only 24 (yeah... a year older than me!)  Well, I think I watch these shows because I like to take what I can from them to learn about people.  They can seem really fake, and who knows if they are - but I do think that I can gain something real from them if I look closely enough.  I guess that's the appeal for me of reality shows:  I can see human nature and learn about how people work.  I've said before, and I should've remembered it in this case, but I don't really believe there are bad people in the world (I'm sure there are exceptions - politicians with agendas, murderers, rapists...), there are only people who are hurt.  Getting hurt can make you really messed up, but I don't think people would be bad if they hadn't been hurt before.  Maybe that's still naive.  I don't know.

Anyway, after the Bachelor, I played around on Polyvore some more.  I made that outfit above today.  I'm also working on some others, but I've sort of taken to starting them and leaving them for later before publishing.  I think it helps me to get more ideas and also to just have a fresher perspective the next time I come back to them.

I saw last week's episode of Face Off tonight, but I've still got a ton of other shows to catch up on.  It's more important that I get my homework done, though, so I finished up my JavaScript tutorial during the commercials and after it was over.  We learned how to make pull-down menus that look pretty friggin' sweet.  Then, I started on the project due on Sunday.  I also have to make a video for my multimedia class, but I already know that I want to make a slideshow of the tour for the Yacht Club site I made for the last project.  That shouldn't take long, but I still can't leave it until the end of the week.  So much work!

Anywho, Face Off was pretty good.  They had to do old age makeup on triplets.  They had to make one age 50, one 75, and the last one 100.  I was surprised that Sue did the best (I agreed) and won this week.  I haven't been a fan of hers in the past, just based on her performance.  If it were based on personality, I don't really like Beki, but the same principals I was talking about before apply here, too.  Plus, you just have to remember that you don't really know any of these people.  How can you judge when you don't know someone?

I've been thinking all day about how much I love James and how well we fit together.  I guess it was a little bit because of The Bachelor.  I guess things are just going really well right now.  I'm so happy.  I know how ridiculously lucky I am, and I am never lucky.  Maybe I spent all my luck on finding James.  That's totally cool with me, though, because finding a partner in life is really all I ever wanted.  I want other things like a nice house, a job I care about, the chance to travel, fun hobbies, maybe the chance to write a book and own my own business.  What can compare to this, though?  I'm in love with my best friend and for some weird reason that I can't fathom, but don't dare question, that man is in love with me, too!  For all my complaining and frowning and such, I sure am a happy person.  <3


Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 20: Missing Them

Washington Post Style Search: Rooney Mara

Washington Post Style Search: Rooney Mara by bunni711 featuring silver earrings

Today I actually got up pretty early and wasn't too tired.  That doesn't happen much these days.  James and I watched Captain America while we ate lunch.  I thought it was alright, but I didn't really like it that much.  I thought the movie looked like it was thrown together a bit.  I also fell asleep during an important part of it... whoops.  I hope The Avengers is going to live up to all the hype it's getting.  I mean, they made at least 5 movies in anticipation of it.  (The Hulk, Iron Man (2 of those), Thor, Captain America)

I have a bunch to do this week, including the last set of labs for my networking class, two quizzes, and a paper, plus a JavaScript project and something for multimedia (I think I have to make a video for the site I made in the last project).  I also have to get going on my proposal paper, but at least I have an idea for it.  I might write it about my online crochet business (proposing the website & business, that is).  James has some catching up to do still, and he needs my computer to do his networking labs (they won't run on his Mac).  That means I need to get as much done as possible while I'm home.

I took a long nap after I read some.  My book is getting really good.  I had a hard time waking up from my nap, though, and we left pretty much right after that.

James and I headed over to my house today and picked up some polar pops again.  I love drinking pop, but for some reason those things make me sick sometimes.  It's weird because I drink pop all the time and it never bothers me - it only bothers me from Circle K.  Jamie also bought some candy bars, including a Reese's chocolate bar which was soooo good.  When my mom got home from work, I showed off my new shoes to my parents, complete with the black and red laces that Jamie also got me (I may not have mentioned those yesterday, but they're in the pictures).

I'm missing James a lot.  We had a really nice day yesterday and I just want to spend more time with him.  Why wouldn't I want to spend all my time with my best friend?  I guess I can't really wait until we get our own place.  I'd love to be able to be with him every day.

We got to watch House since my dad's political show wasn't on (probably because of Presidents' Day).  I have a lot of shows to catch up on while I'm here, too.  I guess I'm going to be busy with homework and everything, even though I'd really just like to relax.  It's nothing too stressful, though.

Teddy is snoozing on the bed next to me as I write this.  I miss him when I'm at James' house and James when I'm at home.  I wish I could have them both with me all the time.  Teddy looks so cute sleeping there, all curled up on my blankets.  I'm gonna go read some before bed and cuddle my little doggy.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 18 & 19: Celebrating Valentine's

Hipster Owl Outfit

Hipster Owl Outfit by bunni711 featuring an owl t shirt

Feb 18: Today was a pretty stressful day because I was trying to get all of my work done so tomorrow can be free for our Valentine's celebration.  I'm pretty excited about going out and spending time with my honey (even though I spend time with him almost every day at home!)  I did manage to get everything done, but I stayed up pretty late doing it.  We were up until about 2am, but Jamie was napping on the futon, so that hardly counts for him.

My book is getting pretty good and I spent some time playing hanjie puzzles online.  They're pretty addicting.  I just like puzzles.  Jamie's parents took his nephew to Chuck E. Cheese's for his birthday, so we went and got some sandwiches for dinner.  We were going to get a Digiorno pizza (they are pretty good), but there weren't any ones we liked.  We also got some chocolate milk and I was pretty excited about that.  Oh, and we got some pepperoni rolls which were also delicious.

We tried to watch X-men: First Class but the dvd was scratched all to hell and kept skipping ahead.  It was from the library and they have a little locking mechanism on their dvd cases, so we couldn't see what condition it was in before we got it out.  Jamie was kind of upset - I didn't even know he wanted to watch it so badly.  It seemed alright from what we saw (which wasn't much), but hopefully we can find it on HBO soon or something.

Feb 19: We headed up to Steak n' Shake for lunch today and went to the mall afterward.  We looked up the food they have there a few days ago and everything seemed really good.  I got a portobello and swiss steakburger that had caramelized onions and garlic mayo.  It was really good.  I think I'll get it with regular mayo next time, though - it was a bit strong.  The fries were really good and we got some milkshakes after we finished eating.  I got a double chocolate fudge milkshake and it was TO DIE FOR!  There was soo much hot fudge in it...  I'm drooling a little just thinking about it!

After lunch, we went over to the mall and walked around a bit.  Then we went in The Shoe Dept. and tried on some shoes.  Well, I guess I'm the only one who tried on shoes.  Jamie got two pairs last week, so I guess he has enough new shoes for now, hehe.  By the way, these are the other new pair he got:

Well, remember those shoes I was salivating over from the last time I was at the mall?  Well, Jamie bought them for me!  I'm pretty psyched because they are AMAZING.  I took some pictures, too:

They're sooo cute!  I'm dying!!

Anywho, I spent most of the rest of the day reading my book.  I also watched 3 episodes of 30 Rock that I missed (and I still have one more to watch!  Plus a butt load of other shows I need to catch up on...)  The book is getting really interesting.  The only thing I have to say is that I guess I never realized how bad things have been in the past between different races, religions, etc.  It really hasn't been that long since some pretty terrible stuff has gone down, and it may even be going down right now - still, today.  It doesn't make it any less real just because I didn't live through it myself.  And how can I blame anyone for feeling differently toward me because of things that have happened in the past - because of what people with the same skin color as me have done.  It puts things in a different perspective.

I guess things like this make me feel pretty young and naive.  Sometimes I start thinking that I know a lot about the world or about people and how they work.  But how can I explain Jim Crow laws and everything terrible that happened in the South, not even 50 years ago.  I guess I don't really know all that much at all.

Well, let's not leave you with a sad thought.  (Of course, it's an important issue - one that we all love to ignore and pretend that it was so long ago it doesn't matter anymore.)  I can't get over my pretty new shoes that are so adorable and cool!  The laces we got go so well with them, too!!  I'm wearing them right now, as I type this blog post.  Yup, sitting on Jamie's bed while he plays video games, writing a blog post in my new Converse hi-tops!

I almost forgot!  Here are some pictures of my hair before and after the sock bun curls: