Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Goings-on: an Update

Okay, so I wrote an entire post a couple of days ago and right when I went to post it, I got an error message saying that it had tried to post it at the same time, or something ridiculous like that.  Anyway, the entire post somehow got deleted, even though this site saves my posts every couple of minutes or so as I type.  Weirdness. Anyway, I wrote some stuff about respect and junk, which I'm sure to rewrite at some later point but which I haven't the energy to rewrite at the moment.  

News:  we have a cat.  Her name is Katie and she is super friendly.  She's black and gray and must be kind of young still because she's kind of tiny.  My dad told me she was the runt in the litter, though, so she may stay small.  She was my cousin's but she had to give her up because of allergies.  I worry about her a little because she doesn't seem to eat a lot, unless you give her canned food, of course.  But we seem to be out of that for now.  We'll see.  I have to remember to call and have someone go check on her tomorrow as I am currently at James' house.  We still don't have internet at home and I have yet to visit the library in town.  However, I plan on going there soon to get a card and check out a few books.  

I have no idea how the job thing is going to work out.  I didn't get the secretary job at the rehab place near Jamie's house.  But there's a Save-a-lot opening near our house, so I might have a chance there.  Unfortunately, both of us live in small towns with few places to find jobs.  We'll see.  If I can't get a job, I'll have to start a book or something.  I've been meaning to do it for ever, so I might as well do it now when I have nothing else to do.  I also think I'll head down to the library most days to read the newspaper and probably update the blog.  And check my facebook because I am addicted, unfortunately.  

I'm just hoping to stave off that summer feeling of uselessness and lethargy that seems to overcome me every year.  I can't wait until I no longer have to spend the summers lazing about at home and I can actually get a real job - all year round!  Actually, when I (hopefully) get into grad school, I'll have classes year-round and you're actually not supposed to get a job while in the program so you can focus on it.  Plus, you have so much to do, there really isn't any time.  There's clinic hours, classes, research projects, a thesis, and a dissertation to keep you busy.  No one needs a job on top of that!  Plus you get a tuition waiver and usually get a stipend in Ph.D. programs.

Well, it's late.  This has been just a post about my life, I suppose.  I guess I should write more of these.  The opinion pieces are more interesting and more my preferred posting style, but I think it's nice to get some of the real-life everyday stuff in here, too.  Well, adieu for now.  Until tomorrow, or perhaps a later date.  

And I almost forgot!  I got the job on the paper, so as of Fall 2011 I shall be a real life Columnist!  I'm so excited.  I think it's going to be a real adventure.