Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 8-21: Down and Out

Red and Black Converses

Red and Black Converses by bunni711 featuring white tops

Hey everyone, I apologize for not writing in a really long time, but I can explain!

Last time I posted, I mentioned feeling a bit under the weather.  Well, that exploded into a full-blown infection and kept me out of commission for two entire weeks. I'm only just coming out of it and have been spending the past few days catching up on assignments and addressing the mountain of homework looming over me for the rest of the semester.  By the way, I only have about two weeks left in the semester, including finals week.

I can't say that much interesting happened while I was sick.  I did have to go to the doctor's after it got really bad.  I had congestion in my sinuses, my chest, and my ears.  The infection even got into my eyes!  (I mistakenly assumed I had pink eye, but alas.)  We went to a new doctor closer by.  It ended up being a lady and I actually really liked her.  She was nice and helpful and didn't seem like she was in an all-fire hurry.  There actually weren't any other patients in there when I came in, so that probably helped.  Jamie recommended her.  She ended up putting me on an antibiotic.  Things were pretty bad there for a few days, but the medicine helped a lot.  I was also taking off-brand Mucinex and later on started taking some Vicks honey cough syrup which also helped.  I ate a lot of chicken soup in those two weeks.

Luckily, I didn't have a lot of homework due during the time I was sick.  I was able to get the workgroup stuff turned in because I had already finished it before I got really sick.  Jamie came over last Sunday (the 15th) and helped me get that stuff turned in.  I was so glad to see him because I had been at home since Monday (the 9th).  I usually come back to his house on Thursdays, but I definitely wasn't up to going anywhere then.  

James and I had a really great day on Thursday.  He was worried about me and he took good care of me when he was there.  I think we were both really glad we could see each other even though I couldn't come back with him yet.  It was a sad goodbye Sunday night.

After I started taking the antibiotic, I got better every day and was finally able to come back to Jamie's house with him on Wednesday (another really fantastic day!).  I had to e-mail my multimedia teacher to ask for an extension for my yacht club site project and she said it would be fine.  I still wasn't feeling super great when I got to Jamie's house (not really up to work), but finally got the project in on Thursday night.  I worked on my Javascript tutorial Thursday and Friday and started on the chapter 7 project today.  I'm having a bit of trouble with it, but I think I'll be able to figure it out.

Unfortunately, I have to focus on my Computer Assembly and Configuration class because the work is due sooner than I had thought.  I'm getting a lot of work done, though, so it shouldn't be a problem.  The labs are pretty quick and easy and the quizzes aren't a problem either.  I still have a large volume of work for a short amount of time, plus I need to finish JavaScript and work on my brochure and powerpoint (last two projects!) for tech writing.  It's going to be a busy week!

James and I have been really love-dovey since I got to come back to his house.  Now I think we are settling back in, but I need to remember that we can't be that way all the time.  Anyway, it wouldn't be possible with the amount of work we both have to tackle in a very short amount of time.  It's nice to know that we're close to being finished with the semester, though.

There is more drama in workgroup, though.  Ally and Jeremy never submitted their projects for excel and powerpoint, but Jeremy volunteered to take care of the Access project by himself.  I haven't checked yet to see if he submitted anything, but I'm really hoping he did.  Otherwise the rest of us will have to make up that assignment, too.  That prof hasn't gotten back to us yet about what we should do about the unfinished assignments.  I'm not really sure what will happen with those.  *sigh.

Over the weekend last week, Spotbot had some seizures and had to go to the emergency vet.  They wanted $1000 to keep him overnight!  My grandma took him home though, and he seems to be doing a lot better.  She had him taken upstairs to be with his mommy (the owners live in the apt upstairs) and he seemed to be a lot calmer.  They think the soft spot on his head is too large and he may have hit his head to trigger the seizures.  I haven't heard anything else (which I think is good), but we'll probably go see him next time I go home.  We didn't see him Wednesday because we wanted to give him more time to feel better before getting company.

Nothing much else has been going on.  I'm feeling a lot better but still coughing some and having to take long naps in the afternoon.  I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights for some reason, so that doesn't help.  Oh yeah, and my ears are still stuffed up.  I looked up some ways to unclog them.  I poured warm water in my ears in the shower today, but I'm not sure if it helped any.  I might have to try it again or try one of the other suggestions.  Otherwise, I'll probably have to call the doctor for advice.  

James and I have been enjoying some delicious sandwiches from the market.  We got some money from his parents to buy deli meat and cheese, plus yummy buns.  We also have mayo (I really hate miracle whip!), and the sandwiches are just sooo ridiculously good!  We had Subway for dinner yesterday and pizza today (bacon and mushrooms for me), but I got sick yesterday off of the fountain drink (I read that they often have a lot of bacteria), which was unfortunate because it was really good (it had flavor shots! - I got cherry).  I also got a bit sick off the pizza today, but that usually happens.  Ugh.

Let's see, I spose the only other thing worth talking about is that James got Puss in Boots from the library and it was actually really good.  We watched that during the week and saw Water for Elephants tonight.  It was good but it's sometimes hard for me to fully enjoy a movie when I've read the book.  I found it very odd that they combined Uncle Al and August into one character, but the movie overall was pretty well done.  I think Jamie liked it, too.  He also liked Puss in Boots even though he was ready to hate it (tee-hee).

That's about it.  If I remember anything else important (believe me, my two weeks of being sick were very boring - sitting on the couch, sleeping, and eating soup basically) I'll let you know.  Oh!  We did have some excellent bacon cheeseburger pizza last Sunday (I believe).  It sounds strange, but it was really good!  Later gators.