About Me

You can find some of this information in my profile, but there are a few other fun things I'd like to add.

Who am I?  Well I'm a 23 year old Kent State student who just graduated with a B.A. in psychology and started an associates degree in Computer Technology with a concentration in Internet and Multimedia.  I hope to do the following things sometime in my life:

  • Graduate with my associates degree Fall 2012
  • Become a web designer/developer, designing awesome, creative websites all day long!
  • Publish some of my writing (poetry, short stories, ideally a novel)
  • Travel the world
  • Own my own business (book store, inn, antique store?)
  • Be a kick-ass lady and take on the whole world!

What are some of my interests and activities?  Well that's easy!  Obviously I love writing.  Other than that, there is:

  • Reading
  • Crochet and a little knitting
  • Calligraphy
  • Video games (mainly Sims 3)
  • Learning new things
  • Bowling
  • Drawing, painting
  • Wasting time online
  • Women's issues and feminism
  • Singing, music
  • Watching movies and hanging out with my boyfriend James

As I've said elsewhere in my blog, I have a lot of opinions (makes sense to have a blog, huh?).  I also believe very strongly in respecting all people, no matter how different their opinions are from your own.  Respect and love all others because they are just as human as you.  Maybe if we all practiced this (myself included sometimes!) the world would be a little nicer place to live.

The plan for the blog right now is a little different from before.  If you've read my earlier posts, they were mostly opinion pieces or random little updates.  This year (2012), my goal is to post every day.  My good friend Amber had the idea, and I'm doing it with her as support and as writing practice.  I'd also like the regularity in posting to bring in some more readers.  I hope the year goes well and I'm able to keep up with it.  Keep reading!

Peace, Love, and Respect