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Feb 7 & 8: Doctors Galore!

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Feb 7: Today Jamie wasn't feeling any better; he was actually feeling worse.  Ibuprofen (which is what the doctor yesterday told him to take for the pain) was not working at all.  He was worried all day about what was going on, so we ended up going back to the hospital late tonight - about 11pm.  There weren't any other people waiting since it was so late, so we got in right away.  This time, I went back with him to his room.  He was so worried and didn't know what was going to happen.  He got the same tests as last time and the doctors said there weren't any changes from yesterday.  There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with his heart.  The pain (which actually spread some more, to his ribs) is most likely due to a pre-existing condition.  The nurses came in pretty much right away and started taking blood and doing tests, but then we had to wait quite a while for the blood test results.  He had a bunch of electrodes on which were measuring his heart beat.  I stared at that machine non-stop for a long time because the lines were all over the place.  I was really scared, but we realized that the heart monitor was reacting because one of the electrodes was loose.  Once he adjusted it, the lines were straight, even, and perfect.  I can not tell you how relieved I was!

It was after 1am by the time we got out of the hospital and we didn't get to bed until about 2.  I didn't mind at all because I knew how scared he was and I just wanted to be there for him.  I know that I would want the same.  It would have been a lot worse, in fact, if I couldn't have been there for him because I know I would have been freaking out.  He kept apologizing because he thought he shouldn't have gone, but I know he would have been scared and worried all night and wouldn't have been able to sleep.  I think he made the right choice in going back.

I didn't get much of anything done today, either.  I edited my paper some and put it up online for workshopping.  I checked it a few times and no one has commented on it yet.  It makes me nervous and frustrated because I know my grade depends on how much people have to say about it - the more things that are pointed out to me, the fewer mistakes will make it to the final draft.  I really don't like that the teacher offers some comments in the workshopping, but leaves some stuff out that she will later take off points for.

I started reading for networking, too, but didn't get much done.  I'm just trying to be there for James today and help him to not worry so much and try to relax.  It sucks because the doctor said he doesn't think pain medication will help him at all, so he just has to suffer through it.

Feb 8:  Jamie had an appointment today with his usual doctor and I went up with him.  His doctor says she thinks it is probably his pre-existing condition and possibly his acid reflux.  She prescribed another medication for it, and I'm really hoping it will help.  There isn't really anything else they can do.  I think James is worried the pain is going to stick around for a long time.  He has another appointment with her in two weeks and I'm hoping everything will turn out alright.  Our tech writing teacher won't let him turn the paper in late without medical documentation, which is ridiculous.  I find it difficult to respect a professor who values policy (one she made up herself, at that) over her own students.  I think this qualifies as extenuating circumstances.

I got a couple of comments on my paper, but they weren't super helpful.  I made a bunch of changes, though.  I condensed all of my directions and tried to make the steps as concise as possible.  I also added some spacing and decreased the font size.  It looks a lot better now, but I know that she will find a million things wrong with it anyway.  I don't feel like it matters how hard I try on it; she will find fault with whatever I turn in.

I took the networking book to the doctor's office and got a little (very little) reading done while we waited for his turn.  There were a lot of people there, so we had a long time to wait.  I read more after we got back, too.  This week should be easier because there are less labs total and the chapters are shorter.  I still have to figure out JavaScript and I'm worried I won't be able to make this function work.  If I get too stuck, I might have to switch to the other project option.

We had some beef stew for dinner that made me sick.  Then I sort of picked around for whatever I could find to eat.  I had some cake leftover from the Super Bowl party and I made some popcorn.  Then I sat down and watched The Bachelor for this week.  James and I also watched this week's Face Off episode earlier.  We're all caught up now.

I hate that I feel more awake now (1:40 am) than I ever do for most of the first part of the day.  I can't stay up all night because I'll be even more tired tomorrow, but I hate that so much of my day is wasted being exhausted.  I've got a bunch of work to do.  Ugh!  Hopefully I get comments on my revision of the directions, but I'm not counting on it.  I'll probably edit through it again but I'm fine with where it is now.


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