Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 16: Took 'em Long Enough

Octopus Loves Shoes

Octopus Loves Shoes by bunni711 featuring blue pumps

Hello, Mr. Octopus, I do love your shoes!  That little octopus is one of my favorites so far.  Jamie said it's his favorite, too.  <3

How is it that I always end up writing my posts so late?  Today has been a long day, but I got everything done that I needed to and now I can finally allow myself to relax!  I was going to call the cell company after lunch, but various things happened which kept me from it.  James and I watched some Warehouse 13 during lunch, and then he made a cool superhero for his DC Universe Online game.  It's a fire-shooting rock dude, so we were trying out a bunch of volcano-themed names, which were all taken.  Then, I suggested the name that finally worked (which is really the best one, of course!):  Kaptain Killauea!  Please tell me you get the pun!

Anywho, that took a while.  He was just starting the game and wanted to be able to hear it.  After that, I was so tired that I took a nap.  By the time I woke up, it was time for dinner.  So, yeah...  It took a while, but I got around to it after dinner.  I ended up being on the phone for about an hour, once again.  The lady I spoke to left me on hold for long spans of time without the music, so I got to listen to a lot of people chattering on the phone in the background for an hour.  The call was confusing.  Apparently, the ticket number I was given didn't have enough numbers in it.  Then, she asked me some oddball questions that had nothing to do with my case, and I was just wondering to myself, do they not keep records of all this?  Do they really have no idea what my case is about?

Well, after a long wait, I finally got my minutes!  Now I don't have to call them anymore and listen to that ridiculous saxophone music, which I believe was meant to set a mood, not entertain waiting customer service callers.  Hooray!

I got my prescription ordered, too, and we're gonna stop by my house tomorrow to pick it up and visit with my family and Teddy.  I miss him a lot for some reason.  I think it's because he hasn't been feeling well and I just want to be there for him.  He's feeling so much better now, so I really don't need to feel bad or anything, but he is my baby.  And he is just so darn cute.

Lastly, I got that darn book re-ordered.  I got it from Amazon for a little more than a couple of other places because I've ordered from them before and I'm more confident that I will actually get the book and have it shipped in good time.  I signed up for the student prime shipping thing, so it should be here Thursday (I hope!)  Also, I get $5 in mp3s, so I feel a bit better about it.  If I trade it in after the semester is over, I might get almost $20 back for it, but there aren't a lot of places taking it, so it might actually be a good deal.  These textbook companies must be filthy rich.  : P

I did do some Polyvore art today, but didn't publish any of it.  There's another contest for Kate Bosworth's new jewelry line called JewelryMint, which is like Shoe Dazzle for jewelry - it's one of those services where you get recommendations and then pay $40 a month and get a new piece of jewelry (or pair of shoes like Shoe Dazzle) every month.  Anywho, if you win this contest (top 5), you get a year's subscription - that's 12 pieces of jewelry!  I would really love to win that, so I'm nitpicking on my submission.  I like it, though, I think it's probably ready.

I really need to start reading more.  I don't think I even read like 3 pages today.  Ugh!  It's kind of a record since I have been reading so much lately.  I guess I can blame it on Polyvore or anxiety or something.  Well, I shall read more tomorrow.  I really want to stay on track to read 50 books this year, and I never know what could come my way to derail those plans, so I want to leave as much extra room as I can.  I'm ahead right now, but I need to start reading more so I don't get behind.

Welp, that's about it.  I'm pooped.  Time for sweet dreams.


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