Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 19: Taking Care of Business

Kate Bosworth and JewelMint

Kate Bosworth and JewelMint by bunni711 featuring clutch handbags

This is my entry for the Kate Bosworth/JewelMint contest on Polyvore.  The top five sets get a year's subscription to JewelMint.  I would love to win!

So, I'm close to finishing Wicked today, but may not be able to finish until tomorrow.  I'm ready to move on!  I just haven't been reading that much lately.  Now I'm going to be pretty busy with homework, too.  The upside is that it's only this week that is going to be ridonkulously busy, and the rest of the semester should be relatively relaxed as far as work goes.  I mean the frequency, not necessarily the difficulty.

I got my grade for the letter of intro and got a 90.  The teacher left comments, but I'm not sure why she took off so much.  I'm debating e-mailing her about it.  I think if I do the workshopping, it will help my grade.  James and I are also thinking of dropping the class (before the Ws of course!), but I think we should probably just take it.  It will save me in loans and I think I can do better with workshopping and with the help of the books - we didn't have them for the first assignment, after all.

I spent most of my day working on the networking homework.  The labs turned out to be pretty easy and maybe a little fun.  Or, at least not boring.  The quiz wasn't hard either, so I'm only worried about how much homework I have to get done before Sunday.  I have to do 4 chapters worth of labs and quizzes (ch 1 got knocked out today), plus a summary paper on one of many videos about Windows Server 2008.

Jamie and I got some sandwiches in town today because his mom was making Kielbasi, which neither of us are particularly fond of.  We also got some chocolate and I ate too much glorious, glorious chocolate.  Mmmm...  See, this is why I'm having trouble!

We watched some Warehouse 13, which is becoming a favorite show, and we watched the new 30 Rock and The Office.  I have yet to start the new Face Off season, and by now there is another episode online.  Eep!  Ah well, life is swell.  : )  (Curse my quickly changing moods!  And sometimes bless them, I spose...  They do make life interesting, at the very least.)

I haven't crocheted in what feels like forever.  I'm going to have to find some time soon to finish up old projects and get back into my hobby.  Unfortunately, it's going to be work, work, work for me for the next few days.  I also have to work through ch. 1 of Javascript and make a graphic on Microsoft Expressions.  Those shouldn't be hard, but I hardly have time it seems.  I shall get it done, though, as always.


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