Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 17 & 18: Losing Track of Time

Birdies in a Tree

Birdies in a Tree by bunni711 on

I made this one a few days ago.  I'm pretty excited because it got a like on Polyvore.  Pretty much I've been entering all the contests I can on Polyvore lately.  There are quite a few going on right now.  I've already entered 4 and there is one more going on that I have yet to make a set for.

Sorry about not posting yesterday, it got away from me!  Not much went on; we went to my house to pick up my prescription and my wallet.  We visited and loved on Teddy bear.  James and I played some cards and we watched our Tuesday shows:  New Girl and Raising Hope.  I wasn't in that great of a mood most of the day, but I think it's mostly anxiety for the new semester and stuff.  We had one of Jamie's favorites for dinner:  chili cheese dogs.  They were pretty delicious.

So, today I haven't really been feeling that great.  I was having trouble breathing earlier for some reason; I think it may have been a stuffy nose and congestion.  I feel fine now though.  I spent a lot of time on Polyvore today making sets for their contests.  I've been making almost exclusively fashion sets lately.  Well, I will get creative again with them soon.  I noticed today how much time I spend on there.  The time completely passes me by.  I was on for a little bit (less than an hour) and noticed it was 9:30.  Then, I looked again and it was suddenly 10:30!  I had no idea I had been on that long!

I watched this week's episode of The Bachelor.  It was pretty interesting, but some of the stuff really does seem planned.  One girl goes home and another girl shows up out of the blue?  I don't know...  Jamie and I started season 2 of Warehouse 13.  I really like that show.  They always have cool artifacts popping up and such.

Ah, not much else to talk about.  I've been reading more and am getting towards the end of Wicked.  I'm also losing the lead I had on my book reading.  : (  I'll hopefully catch up, though.  Two of my books came in, finally.  Actually, one of them got here on the 12th, but it was being held at the UPS place because Jamie has all of his packages held there.  But I got my online access code and we got our book for networking, so we can do that homework we had missed.  I'm not quite in school mode yet.  It's very strange taking all online courses, but I kind of like it.  It makes me want to get an at-home job.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for freelance web design, though.  It would be fun, but I think I would have trouble networking to get clients and such.  Also, I really want to have a steady income; that's very important to me.

Welp, I'll leave you there.  I've had a strange day.  I have been very tired and, for some reason, very sensitive to sounds.  Well, I'm feeling alright now, so hopefully there won't be any more silliness tomorrow.  I will have to start on that networking homework.  Oh, and it seems like Javascript is going to be more like Visual Basic, eep!  I think it'll be alright though; I really hope so!  I'm not much for programming languages...  I liked html, though, so hopefully making websites will distract me from the fact that I'm programming.


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