Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22: Trivial Pursuits

Sequins from Day to Night

Sequins from Day to Night by bunni711 featuring a pave necklace

Today I woke up to find my ponytail had fallen out of the sock bun and thus, no curls.  Actually, it might not have been because it fell out.  My hair was so thick last night that I could barely get it into a ponytail.  It's so strange because usually I have very limp, thin hair.  It may have been because I had to use Head n' Shoulders (it was the only shampoo we had at home), but I honestly don't know.  It could have been many things, but the fact is that there were no curls.  I actually had to wet my hair again just so it would look normal because there were some weird kinks in it.  *sigh*  I hope that first time was not a fluke!

I finished my book this morning and it was really good.  This is my review:

The HelpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beautiful, touching book. A must-read.

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I'm very happy with it.  It really was a touching book (like I said) and it really made me think.  I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

After that, I made some lunch and cleaned up some in the kitchen.  I need to get used to cleaning more for when James and I get our own place.  I watched the last 30 Rock episode that I missed during lunch (although we did miss this week's episode, so I have another one to watch!)  That was the only show I watched from the ones I've missed.  I'm very behind, but homework is more important at this point, so they can wait a bit.

Jamie came over after lunch.  He's on a new medication that makes him drowsy.  He looked so dang cute all sleepy when he walked in.  I missed him so much.  We watched some tv and then headed over to the library.  The book I have on hold (The Hunger Games) isn't in yet.  I wasn't planning on getting anything else out (we just had some stuff to take back), but I saw that they finally had 1Q84 back, so I snatched it up while I had the chance.  I also got out A Child Called "It" which my sister Meghan liked a lot.  I'm not sure if I'll like it, but it is on my list of books to read.

After we got back, we started playing Trivial Pursuit (yeah, now my post name doesn't sound so witty, does it?)  We play it strangely - first you have to get all the wedges, then you have to make it exactly to the center.  If you go over, you have to go onto another spoke of the wheel in the center.  You have to get more questions right until you get to the center (that part takes awhile).  It's just meant so that the other person has time to finish getting their wedges before you win the game.  Once you get in the center, you have to roll and you're asked the question that corresponds to what you rolled (1=blue question, 6=orange question).  Once you get one of those right, finally you win!

After James won the game, I thought it would be fun to see who could answer an entire card right first.  James got that, too, but I tell you, he got so lucky!  I tried like a zillion more cards and never got a whole one!  I got pretty close a few times, though.  After a while, it started getting pretty old.  I was tired and grumpy that I couldn't get a whole card, so we just stopped.  Plus, we were both getting hungry.  I had some nutella on bread while we were waiting on supper.  Then we had some chili dogs and seasoned wedge fries which were delicious!

Later we watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report and snuggled Teddy.  I miss my Teddy bear when I'm at Jamie's but every time we leave, he ignores us so that maybe we won't go.  I think it's because we would always make a big deal of hugging and kissing him before we would go somewhere.  I love that little sausage.  After we got to Jamie's house, I worked more on that video for the yacht club site.  I think I'm finished, but I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.  Good night!


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