Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21: Makin' Magic

What to Wear: First Date

What to Wear: First Date by bunni711 featuring studded handbags

I stayed up kind of late last night, but woke up at a decent time and wasn't too tired.  I finished up a chapter of labs after lunch (a lunch of fried balogna).  I hung out with Teddy most of the morning and afternoon while my parents helped my cousin out with something. She and my grandma live one building over from us.

After I talked to James and worked on some homework, I watched The Bachelor.  I was surprised to find that I don't dislike Courtney anymore.  I think these shows love to create as much drama as possible and show people in a different light than how they really are.  I think she probably has a lot of trouble getting along with other people and made some mistakes when interacting with the other girls, but she doesn't seem like she's really mean or fake or not there for the right reasons.  It's too easy to dislike someone you don't know, especially if they are misunderstood by others.  I can relate because I've been misunderstood a lot in the past, but that doesn't make me an awkward, weird, or unfriendly person.  I've rubbed people the wrong way before, but it was because they didn't understand me, not because I'm a mean person.  It happened this way with Michelle a couple of seasons ago, too.  It's so easy to pick one person out as the villain and just be merciless about hating them.  I should've known better than to go along with it this time.  It's not fun realizing that you were so ready to hate someone because they were misunderstood.  I don't like being on this side of things.

I was also surprised this week to find that my previous favorite, Kacie, was no longer a girl I really liked.  As my opinions of Courtney changed, I could see that she was quick to judge as well and she was pretty mean when she spoke about her to others.  I'm not going to hate on anyone though, or I didn't really learn my lesson!  I just think she has some growing up to do - I mean, she is only 24 (yeah... a year older than me!)  Well, I think I watch these shows because I like to take what I can from them to learn about people.  They can seem really fake, and who knows if they are - but I do think that I can gain something real from them if I look closely enough.  I guess that's the appeal for me of reality shows:  I can see human nature and learn about how people work.  I've said before, and I should've remembered it in this case, but I don't really believe there are bad people in the world (I'm sure there are exceptions - politicians with agendas, murderers, rapists...), there are only people who are hurt.  Getting hurt can make you really messed up, but I don't think people would be bad if they hadn't been hurt before.  Maybe that's still naive.  I don't know.

Anyway, after the Bachelor, I played around on Polyvore some more.  I made that outfit above today.  I'm also working on some others, but I've sort of taken to starting them and leaving them for later before publishing.  I think it helps me to get more ideas and also to just have a fresher perspective the next time I come back to them.

I saw last week's episode of Face Off tonight, but I've still got a ton of other shows to catch up on.  It's more important that I get my homework done, though, so I finished up my JavaScript tutorial during the commercials and after it was over.  We learned how to make pull-down menus that look pretty friggin' sweet.  Then, I started on the project due on Sunday.  I also have to make a video for my multimedia class, but I already know that I want to make a slideshow of the tour for the Yacht Club site I made for the last project.  That shouldn't take long, but I still can't leave it until the end of the week.  So much work!

Anywho, Face Off was pretty good.  They had to do old age makeup on triplets.  They had to make one age 50, one 75, and the last one 100.  I was surprised that Sue did the best (I agreed) and won this week.  I haven't been a fan of hers in the past, just based on her performance.  If it were based on personality, I don't really like Beki, but the same principals I was talking about before apply here, too.  Plus, you just have to remember that you don't really know any of these people.  How can you judge when you don't know someone?

I've been thinking all day about how much I love James and how well we fit together.  I guess it was a little bit because of The Bachelor.  I guess things are just going really well right now.  I'm so happy.  I know how ridiculously lucky I am, and I am never lucky.  Maybe I spent all my luck on finding James.  That's totally cool with me, though, because finding a partner in life is really all I ever wanted.  I want other things like a nice house, a job I care about, the chance to travel, fun hobbies, maybe the chance to write a book and own my own business.  What can compare to this, though?  I'm in love with my best friend and for some weird reason that I can't fathom, but don't dare question, that man is in love with me, too!  For all my complaining and frowning and such, I sure am a happy person.  <3


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