Friday, March 9, 2012

March 8 & 9: Happy Days


Relax by bunni711 featuring enamel jewelry

Abeyance (uh-BAY-uhnss) n. - A state of temporary disuse or suspension [Google Dictionary]; temporary inactivity; suspension []

March 8: Last night I could not sleep.  I stayed up abnormally late (or early) because I was simply not sleepy.  I spent a bunch of time online and reading, then just went to bed because it was so late - I'm not even sure I was tired.

Jamie came over today.  I missed him so much.  We had a good time talking, cuddling, and hanging out on our own.  I didn't get up til kind of late since I went to bed so late.  Later on, we went to the library to take back Catch 22 since I just don't have time to read it before it's due.  I'm still working on 1Q84 and then I have The Hunger Games to read.  I decided to institute an abeyance of reading and going online today.  I just wanted to chill out and spend time with James today.  I have been so anxious lately that I really needed a day off, and I just haven't been letting myself relax.  I needed today.

We also picked up Moneyball on blu-ray at the library.  James really wants to watch it.  I'm not sure if I'll like it, but I'm willing to watch it with him.  We had some orange chicken for dinner (homemade) and blondies.  Both were really good.  The blondies (if you don't know) are like brownies, but they taste like butterscotch.  James and I also played some Trivial Pursuit, which is always fun.  I'm just glad that we got to spend some quality time together today  - just the two of us.  I feel really happy today.

March 9: We headed back to Jamie's house yesterday.  We headed over to the store and picked up some sandwiches for lunch.  We also got some pop and Swedish Fish (Mmmm...) James had a couple of Reese's Eggs, too, so we had a very delicious lunch while we watched Moneyball.  I actually really liked the movie.  Whenever I had questions, Jamie answered them for me since he knows a lot about baseball.

Later, Jamie played video games and I organized my crochet projects.  I made tags for my projects out of index cards that tell me what the project is, what hook is used, and how many rows I have done so far.  I also wrote directions on the back.  Then, I punched holes in them and threaded the loop of the last stitch (the one I'm working on) through so that I won't lose any stitches.  It's kind of hard to describe.  I also made a list of projects and all the yarn I have.

I tried my hand at knitting again today, but I am still awful at it.  I picked up crochet really quickly (I did learn how to chain at a young age, though, but that doesn't help so much with creating actual projects!)  I'm not sure why, but apparently my sister and mom both have trouble with knitting, too.  We must be a crochet family.  I worked a bit on my Fresh Produce Bag. (If you're interested, check out my Crochet Goddess blog.)  I hadn't crocheted in quite a while, but it was fun to get back into it.  It's like riding a bike - I picked it right back up without a problem.  It must be muscle memory.

Later, I spent a bunch of time on Pinterest.  I like finding cool organization ideas and pretty rooms for my future house.  I also collect pictures of cute puppies (among other things).  I continued my abeyance of reading today.  Books can often affect the direction of your thoughts and my book is getting pretty weird and heavy.  I figured a break might do me some good.  I have to separate my real life and my real life feelings from the book world sometimes.  I should see it as a talent to get so deeply involved in books.  We'll go with that.  : )

That is not to say that my book is bad.  It is really good and the style is so fluid and easy to get into.  I think one of the greatest talents an author can have is a writing style that you can just dive into.  It doesn't get in the way of the story and it lets you jump in and get involved.  I hope if/when I ever do write a book I can accomplish that.

James is such a great boyfriend - he sat and watched Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta with me even though he doesn't like that show.  He says it's their accents/attitudes.  I guess the regular SYTTD is alright with him.  But he still sat and watched it with me.  I'm so crazy about that man.  That is only one of many, many reasons!

I found out today that the Amazon mp3 credit I got with one of my textbooks is expired.  I was pretty upset, but it's only $5.  It's not really a huge deal.  I'm getting a bit anxious about my paper.  The days seem to be flying by.  I need to find that motivation and buckle down.  It's really hard when I see no point in the class or the work, plus James isn't sweating his paper yet, either.  Must get paper done! - the earlier the better!

Nonetheless, I have to try to stay relaxed.  I let schoolwork stress me out too much.  I have to remind myself that it doesn't have to be perfect.  I keep projecting on other people my own feelings about it - everyone doesn't expect perfection and nothing less, just me.

I've been thinking lately about possibly trying to get a job as a columnist for a local paper.  It would be so nice to have some extra money and it would be nice to have a job to do.  I like to write and need to keep practicing.  Since I've already written a column for the Daily Kent Stater, I might actually be able to get a job, especially at a small paper.  I'll have to look into it.

Well, I hope you all have a great evening!


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Meghan said...

I get really really into books too. Sometimes it's almost like I am in the book and it can be really hard to transition into real life again. I feel like that makes me really weird, even though you said you felt like you got into books a lot too.