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March 5: Ice Cream Premonition

Get Out of the Fold

Get Out of the Fold by bunni711 featuring gray shoes

Orotund (Or-uh-tund) adj. - pompous (of rhetoric or delivery) [Webster's Dictionary]; (of writing, style, or expression) Pompous; pretentious [Google Dictionary]

Today has been an interesting day.  I got up earlier today, and hopefully I can keep it up.  After I ate some yummy double chocolate Krave cereal for breakfast (it's one of my favorite cereals now), I found out that the access code I just ordered has been cancelled because they ran out.  I looked around for another one, but the prices are a lot higher everywhere else.  I'm talking about almost $20 higher.  I think I'm going to wait it out a while since my homework for that class is "work at your own pace."  I don't want to wait too long, though, because I'll get a backlog of homework and it will be a nightmare.  I'd like to avoid that.

After lunch, I played a bunch of Boggle online (and did poorly at it for some reason.  I tell you, I was getting horrible letters!)  I got super tired before dinner and took a nap.  When I got up, we started getting ready to head over to my house and left at about 7:30.  We were going to get some Dairy Queen, but when we stopped there, the sign said it closed at 7.  I was pretty bummed.  It was strange, though, because the lights were all on, there were cars there, and the sign said open.

This is where it gets interesting.  When we got to my house, no one was home but Teddy!  I don't have a key to the new apartment yet, so we knocked and waited for a while until we were sure no one was home.  I even called the home phone to be sure.  Poor Teddy was there in the dark with the tv on and was getting upset because he could hear us just on the other side of the door but couldn't get to us.  He is usually fine being left at home for a little while, but it was difficult for him to be so close to us and not be able to see us!  After I called my grandma to make sure my dad wasn't over there (my mom was at work and my grandma lives in the same complex as we do), we decided to try A&W for some ice cream.

When we drove past DQ, though, the lights were still on.  We parked and saw that there were people inside, so we tried the door and they were open.  They ended up closing at 8, but we did get our delicious treats!  I got my usual Reese's cup blizzard with chocolate ice cream.  It was sooo good.  : )  Jamie got an m&m blizzard (with vanilla, yuck - just kidding!)  After they closed, I still wasn't finished with my blizzard (I'm a very slow eater), so we parked at the apartments and I finished my ice cream in the truck. We didn't have to wait too long and James and I just talked and cuddled while we waited for my mom to get home from work.  I vowed to always call before we leave now!

My mom brought home some cheeseburgers from work and we gave her the mistake blizzard that we got at DQ.  There was a new kid working there and he accidentally made my blizzard with vanilla ice cream, so we got the mistake one for free.  It's so weird because I kept imagining this scenario all week.  We would order my blizzard, they would mess it up, we would get one free and give it to my parents.  Weird!  Welp, that's what happened even though Jamie wanted us to share that one too.  I reminded him that he would probably regret it later and that he was trying not to eat a lot of foods that would bother his stomach.

Jamie did end up feeling sick later, but he said he wasn't sure if it was the ice cream or not.  He had to leave early, though, because of it.  It made me sad for him to leave early because I wanted to spend more time with him, but I also need the alone time.  It's important even in the strongest of relationships to have time for yourself.

Me and Teddy are hanging out in my room, which looks so nice since I organized it last week.  It makes me feel so good to be in here.  It feels more like my own space now.  Plus, I feel so much calmer when I'm in a well-organized space.  I like everything to be in its place.  It's kind of ironic since I have a tendency toward messiness (but that just makes me feel stressed).  I'll have to check the rest of the boxes in our closet (I share a room with my sister, by the way) to make sure I got all of my stuff.  I did spy another box full of clothes.  I can't believe I have so many clothes and pretty much nothing to wear.  In my defense, a lot of stuff doesn't fit anymore or is pretty old.  I could use a clothes shopping day.

There's not much else to say about the day.  I read some earlier.  I wish I had more time to read, but I've got a bunch of work, as usual.  This week is lighter - just JavaScript homework and working on my paper.  I think it's coming together better now.  I have the research separated into categories so it'll be a lot easier to do.

Other than that, I had a weird run-in with a random hipster on facebook.  I commented on an old friend's photo (a very old friend, from 2nd grade) of her new haircut, saying it was cute.  She went on about how the bangs would be a pain and her hipster friends threw out random big words and philosophized about who knows what.  Then, another hipster friend decided that two comments in a row complementing her hair qualified her friends as "sycophants."  That was going to be the word of the day, but I decided not to associate the whole post with a very annoying occurrence.  (Sycophant means "a servile flatterer" or someone who acts obsequiously - pretty much a brown noser.)  This comment was way out of left field and the guy posted it right after my comment.  I was pretty put off by it.  (Okay, I was mad.)  I just feel like there are a lot of orotund young hipsters out there that think throwing around large words makes you ten times smarter than anyone else.  Or knowing about literature makes you a superior sort of human being.  It was just mean and stupid and uncalled for.  (By the way, I love the word pretentious; it's one of my favorite words to use these days.)  I think I better understand people from previous decades now, and the stereotypes they all hated (like hippies, yuppies, etc.)  Hipsters are my generation's hippies.  I have been enlightened.

Anywho, goodnight all!


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