Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan 22: Secret Blonde

Polyvore Live and Covergirl Present Dana-Maxx

Polyvore Live and Covergirl Present Dana-Maxx by bunni711 featuring tasha hair accessories

Ah, my beautiful entry for the Polyvore Live contest which did not win.  :* (  I shall go on, however...

Ugh!  I am so burnt out right now!  I got everything done, though, which is a relief.  I had to  read and do the ch. 4 labs, then take the quiz, but James also had to take the quizzes today, so we were trading the book back and forth.  I also had to watch a video tutorial and write a paper on it.  I can't for the life of me write it out short enough the first time, so I had to edit it down.  I also had to write something I learned from ch. 1 of JavaScript and post a graphic I made playing around with the multimedia software for my other class.  The one I made yesterday wouldn't open because I tried to save it with a different file extension, so I made a new one.  the new one is better, though.

On Thursday I have to turn in a resume and letter of application for technical writing.  I'm going to have to work hard for my A, I think.  Problem is James and I both need the books and I'm going back home tomorrow for a few days.  : S  We'll figure something out.  I also have to find some time to work through ch. 1 of JavaScript.  Blech.

Well, I'm just pooped now.  I'm getting along in my book, but haven't had much time to read.  I haven't crocheted in a while.  I've been meaning to do some, but I've had a lot of work the past few days.  Oh, but I did somehow manage to find time for a four hour nap earlier?  Don't ask me, but I was completely out for what I think was nearly four hours, despite all the work I had to do.  I don't know why I've been so tired; I really don't think I'm sleeping very well.

I wish I had something other than school to write about.  I did have a pretty weird dream during my nap in which I was riding in a car with my dad, James, Teddy, and I think someone else when we stopped in the road because there were 20 (yes, 20!) tornadoes coming at us.  Then we ran down the street and saw Meghan who was coming out of a friends house and she had us all go in there for safety.  Yes, I have strange dreams, and that is not even one of my weirder ones.

I believe I also had a dream recently about living underwater and going to this school.  And there was a shop nearby that had pretty much everything, but it didn't have any yarn, so I was pretty bummed out.  I think we were mermaids.

Well, I think I will either go read or I will play on Polyvore for a bit.  I finally watched the first episode of Face Off yesterday and found out the second one isn't up yet.  I also watched some clips from the Bachelor because I was bored.  Well, hope you all have a wonderful night.  Oh, I said something quite funny earlier that I should mention here.  James and I were watching a football game on tv (it was one of the divisional championships or whatever they are that determines which teams go to the superbowl), and this conversation happened:

James: You know, some people bring radios to sports games to listen to the play-by-play. Me: That's stupid. What if it's behind, or ahead?

I think my mind may be slipping.  Well, goodnight again!


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