Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jan 28: Song in the Shower

Hey everyone, I decided not to add a Polyvore pic on here today.  I'm running out of them, for one, and I just felt like having a plain post today.  I've been too busy to get on there, so I haven't made anything new in a couple of weeks.

Today, I got another chapter of networking labs done, plus the quiz.  I found out that I didn't win the JewelMint contest on Polyvore, which is a bummer.  I've been really tired all day.  I'm going to develop a scheme for ensuring that I do not oversleep.  This involves possibly changing the alarms on my phone so that they start going off early (although I'm sure James wouldn't be happy with that development), and for sure asking James to come wake me up / drag me out of bed if I'm not up by a certain time (probably 9:30).  Strangely enough, I also took a nap before dinner because I just felt exhausted.  I'm really ready to feel awake most of the time.  I'm going to try to regulate my sleep habits, and hope that will help.

James and I made some yummy chocolate chip pancakes for lunch today and watched some Warehouse 13.  We're pretty sad because there are only 3 more episodes on Netflix and we're going to have to find a new show soon.  I spent most of the day reading for my class and working through the labs.  We watched Arthur (the new one) and I took a shower after dinner while James worked on some of his labs.  He's going to have to use my computer for them because they don't work on Macs.  He was pretty upset about it the other day, but I think it'll work out fine.

I made up a little song in the shower; it's not much, though.  I rarely sing in the shower at James' house for fear someone will hear me.  I usually love to, but haven't been doing it all that often.  I love to sing, in general.  The song is only a few lines and part of a chorus, but I really haven't been writing much of anything lately (besides homework assignments).  I think some of the lines are pretty cool - I wouldn't want to write a shallow or cliche sort of song.

James is playing a game in his room and I can hear him getting frustrated with it.  It's actually peaceful in here now that his nephew has gone to bed.  The poor kid has a cold or something and hasn't been able to sleep.  He kept popping his head out the door of the room and yelling "have a good day!"

We got some Pizza Hut for dinner, which was yummy.  I think it had pepperoni, bacon, and possibly ham.  I also got some mushrooms on my half.  I couldn't eat it all, though.  Plus, we got some orange pop to drink.  Pretty good meal, if you ask me.

I think it's really nice to write a little.  I haven't been doing it a lot even though I used to write poetry all the time when I was younger.  Maybe it was just a lot of teenage angst, but I still think I'm good at it and I enjoy it.  It's nice to feel inspired again, too.  I'll try to write a little more on it, but I probably won't post it.  Sorry, I'm just worried about people stealing my stuff.  I don't even really like having my art up because someone could just steal my pics.  I don't know how much the license helps, but I hope it deters people.

Well, I've still got another chapter to do tomorrow, and I need to write discussion posts for my other two classes.  No technical writing stuff next week (thank goodness), but I need to start the next assignment, nonetheless.  I need to get going on JavaScript ch. 2 - I enjoyed working on the first one, so I think I'm going to like this class.  I need to get the assignment dates for my other two classes down on my calender still.  The first ones aren't due until February, but January is running out fast.

Well, hope you have a great night!


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