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March 28, 29, 30, 31, & April 1: Work and Worry

Disney Princesses: Ariel

Disney Princesses: Ariel by bunni711 featuring shell jewelry

March 28: Today I woke up kinda late again, but it could have been me recovering from my (possible) sickness.  I haven't really been feeling unwell today, so maybe I'm already over it.  (Hooray if it's true!)  I played The Sims 3 for a long time today and it was a lot of fun.  I haven't been letting myself have fun too much lately and I've been having a lot of anxiety over school work.  I have been putting things off.  I have a paper due next Tuesday and the Word group projects are due next Thursday.  I volunteered me and James to work on the newsletter, but one of the guys said we didn't need to both work on it and that James should start working on the Excel projects.  Apparently those are due on the 4th, too.  There is just too much work right now in that class.  Ugh!

Later on, I worked on my owl some more.  I started choosing the paper I'm going to use and I cut out some parts of the pattern (after labeling them all, of course).  I think it's going to turn out really cute.

March 29: Jamie came over today, but I was still feeling low.  We stopped by the library and I got out some non-fiction books because I'm in a learning mood.  I got the book on the death penalty that I had been reading last year and wasn't able to finish, plus a book on the history of socialism (for pure academic interest, mind you), and a pictorial dictionary on the history of fashion.  I'm excited to start reading them.  After that, James and I got some drinks, too.

Jamie wasn't feeling well earlier, so we had to leave early to go back to his house.  We got back just in time because his mom hadn't been planning on making dinner and we would've been on our own.  Our paper was due today on how our workgroup groups are going.  I'm frustrated because there have been some issues with one of the group members acting as leader and telling me I can't work with someone else on a project.  Maybe I'm making a big deal of things, but I'm frustrated and had a difficult time figuring out what to write in my paper.  (I also had a really hard time figuring out what to write back to him when he said I shouldn't work with someone else.  I was pretty upset, but didn't want to come off rude.  Ugh!)  I hope the prof doesn't make something out of this.  It's giving me a bit of anxiety, actually.  We are actually supposed to meet with her soon as a group because we had a bit of a late start on the work.  Hopefully things go smoothly and this isn't brought up.

March 30: I have been sleeping in for a few days in a row now and it's making me feel pretty weird.  On top of that, my anxiety about my projects is getting ugly.  James and I watched a bunch of movies on TV today and we got Subway for dinner.  I got a chicken marinara melt again because I really like them for some reason.  I've been kind of avoiding work today, but I really need to get started on it tomorrow.  I realized that I had mistakenly thought Tuesday was the 2nd, when Monday is actually the 2nd and the 4th is Wednesday.  Now things are due a day earlier than I had anticipated.

I don't know why I'm having so much anxiety, but James has been making me feel better.  He's being really understanding and I can tell he is really trying.  I think I'm letting this stuff get into my head too much and I'm going to try not to focus on my anxiety.  It's there and I recognize it, but if I keep it in the back of my mind all the time, it will only be worse.

I posted editing remarks on the business proposal today.  I had a lot of critiques (mostly on basic organization so far, but I have a feeling the language is going to need work, too).  I hope the guy I've been having issues with won't take my comments the wrong way.

March 31: Today, I started working on my memo and it was much easier to do than I was worried it would be.  Actually, I feel pretty silly for having so much anxiety about it.  It's only a two page memo and we had to analyze the effectiveness of three brochures.  Our next assignment is to make a brochure, so it makes sense.  I tried to make my memo look nice and despite the sentences being a little rough, I posted it on the discussion boards for review.  I don't think anyone will post about it over the weekend, but I'm hoping someone does so that I can get more work done on it.  I'll go back and edit through tomorrow.

Later on, Jamie's parents took us out to a Chinese buffet for dinner.  We stopped by Walmart and looked around for a while before.  We had Jamie's nephew with us and we took him through all the toy aisles to keep him entertained.  I'm sure a bunch of people probably thought he was our kid.  That's so weird.  I think I probably looked like the disinterested mother while Jamie pushed the cart.

Dinner was really good and I actually didn't get sick from it this time.  I usually do get sick from eating at this place.  I even had some ice cream, which I was sure would push me over the limit.  Jamie's mom did get sick, but I don't think James did.  He regretted getting ice cream, though.  Later on, we watched a couple of movies, including Midnight in Paris and Bridesmaids.  I heard a lot of good stuff about Bridesmaids, but didn't find it amazingly funny.  Don't get me wrong, I thought it was funny and I liked it, but I guess I expected more of a The Hangover type movie.  We also saw Friends with Benefits the other day, which I actually liked.  I thought it was snarky and cute, but James didn't really like it that much.

The dude in my workgroup group was really nice about what I said back to him (about working with another group member) and about the proposal critiques.  He said he'll change some things, but I'm not sure he's really going to change it that much.  I hope we don't get points off because it is a lot longer than 5 pages (16 at the moment, actually).

April 1: Today I started on the newsletter for workgroup and I'm really happy with how it is turning out.  At first, I wrote it with customers as the audience, but discovered that it was supposed to be written for the employees.  I had to take a break after that because it meant I would have to rewrite some stuff.  I was thinking I'd have to rewrite more, but I actually only had to tweak a few sentences to make it work.  The whole thing looks really nice and very professional.  I posted a draft to see what the groupies say and to get some information about a couple of group members as far as their technical experience/expertise.  I think it will turn out really nicely.

Later on, I worked on the memo some more, trying to get it down to two pages.  It was at three when I posted it yesterday, but I was able to make things fit.  Earlier we watched Space Jam on TV and the season premiere of Game of Thrones.  Watching that show reminds me of the big fight we had that day we watched the marathon, so that wasn't fun.  I've been grumpy today, too, so things weren't going totally smoothly.  I was sitting on the couch earlier, dozing off every few minutes even though I got enough sleep (well, we did go to bed at 3am last night because we decided to watch Bad Teacher, which I think has a terrible message and wasn't that great, either).  I'm tired of being tired all the time.

I'm still working on Catch-22 but could be making better progress.  The story is strange and it's pretty much set up in sections where each chapter consists of stories about a specific character in the main character's air corp unit.  It's not boring, though, just quirky.  I've also been reading a bit of my other books, but mostly I've been worrying or working or watching movies.

We didn't go to see The Hunger Games today because Jamie was feeling sick again.  We probably won't be able to see it until it comes out on dvd now.  We've been watching a bunch of movies this weekend, though, and we got to go out to eat yesterday.  I just hope that he won't have to be sick all the time anymore.  He complains so little that I always have to ask him how he's feeling to even know if he's sick or not.  I guess we both have our struggles.


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