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April 4, 5, 6, & 7: Sick as a Dog

Spring Green

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Mellifluous (me-LIH-floo-us) adj. - (of a voice or words) Sweet or musical; pleasant to hear [Google Dictionary]; having a smooth, rich flow <a mellifluous voice> []

April 4: Today my mom bought us subs from the sub shop in town for lunch.  It used to be a Subway, but they pretty much sell the same stuff there now under a different name.  I got a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub, which was yummy but very messy.  The only reason it wasn't as good as Subway was that they seem to use a different kind of chicken.  I only ate half (it was a footlong) and saved the rest for later.  

I worked on JavaScript earlier (I started last night) - we have to code a jigsaw puzzle.  It's pretty cool, but I also have to finish this chapter's project by Sunday night, too.  I've got a lot of work to do.  Hopefully the stuff I learned from working on the last project will help me out a lot.  I think I really got some of the concepts more concretely last time.

Later on I watched an episode of Alcatraz, which was pretty good.  I have a bunch of them to catch up on but never seem to be in the mood to watch them.  I always really like the show when I'm watching it, though.  I need to keep that in mind when I've got time to watch them.

For dinner, we had what my mom calls paprika chicken, which is just baked chicken with spices on it, and some chicken-flavored rice.  Later on, we made some chocolate cupcakes.  I tried a couple with Nutella on top, and it was pretty good.  The chocolate cupcake kind of cancelled out the taste of the Nutella, though.  It's better on other things, I think.  

Mostly I read and spent time online today, looking at reddit and reading through comics that I found through the r/comics subreddit.  I found a couple that seem cool.  One is Invisible Bread (which I'm finished going through), and the other is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (which seems to have a much larger archive and I'm still working through).  It's always fun to find new comics that I like.  r/comics is probably going to be a good place to find new comics to read.  Speaking of which, I think I might stop reading Robot Beach.  It was really cool at first (I loved going through the archives), but it's been consistently boring for a while now.  I encourage anyone who's interested to read it, but I don't personally think I'll be following it anymore.  (If you're interested, there are a bunch of webcomics listed under "Favorite Sites" on the right side of this blog.)

March 5: Today I woke up feeling absolutely terrible.  At first I thought it was because I had been staying up pretty late every night since I got home, but quickly discovered that I am sick.  I had trouble falling asleep last night.  I read more of my book before bed, but it was really late when I finally fell asleep.  I'm sure staying up late 3 nights in a row didn't help me keep from getting sick, at least.  Ugh.

I've been feeling pretty awful all day.  I finished the rest of my sub for lunch and wasn't feeling too bad at that point.  I watched some TV and hung out with Teddy as I steadily started feeling worse and worse.  Today is my mom's early day (she gets off at 3 instead of 8:30), but she didn't get home until much later because she had to bring my older sister home from work and do some shopping.  

When my mom got back, I was feeling really terrible.  I had tried to take a nap to nip this thing in the bud, but I don't think it really helped.  I didn't expect my mom to have picked up any chicken soup, but she did!  I had some of that for dinner, and then my mom made some really yummy potato stroganoff.  I actually ate too much of it and went to bed a little full.  (We always eat kind of late at my house.)

I tried to go to bed earlier tonight since I've been feeling so yucky, but still ended up going to bed a little late.  It was within reason, though, don't worry.  After James and I got off the phone, I was on reddit for (what I thought was) a little while, but when I looked at the time, 30 minutes had passed!  Reddit is actually a bigger time waster for me than even Facebook used to be.  I was on there earlier, too, reading and commenting on a thread about how short guys (under 5'4") are kind of prejudiced against (among other topics).  There were a couple of very interesting IAMA's about transexuality - both were male to female, but one was by a 19 year old girl and the other was by the husband of a 35 year old Chinese woman.  I wish more people were open-minded about this.  I won't go into it, though. (I could fill an entire post and more.)

March 6: I had a really rough night last night.  I woke up every few hours with a really sore throat and I could barely breath through my nose.  Suffice it to say, last night sucked.  James came over today instead of yesterday because we were having an Easter dinner.  Today is my mom's day off, and we couldn't have it Sunday since she's working.

This morning, my mom had to run some errands in Ashtabula with my grandma.  She got her new puppy today and brought him along with her.  I slept in because I was sick, or I would've volunteered to babysit him.  I had some more chicken soup for lunch today; this time it was Progresso.  The soup was pretty darn yummy.  My mom also brought back Taco Bell (I actually think my grandma got it for us).  I shared my tacos with Jamie.

Jamie and I agreed not to kiss each other today since we don't want to get him sick, too.  It's weird, but we have just been kissing each other on the cheek and stuff instead.

Later on, James and I went over to my grandma's house to see the little puppy.  We brought my nephew along, too (he's staying at our house this weekend).  The puppy is so adorable!  He played with us a bunch today, which actually surprised me.  When I saw him the first time, he only walked around some and slept the rest of the time.  Today, he was full of energy!  He bounded around, pranced, and jumped on us.  He would lift up his little paw and wave it at us, too.  He also took an interest in my flip-flops - it was so cute because he kept biting at them but never bit anything off.  His little teeth don't hurt when he nibbles, either.  We tried to keep him from doing that, though.  I figure it's never too early to start discouraging puppies from biting or nibbling.

My grandma got the puppy a little tennis ball, but he wasn't interested in it.  I think it was too big.  Delgado liked it, though, and kept going after it.  He finally got it, too, and ripped it all up in no time.  The puppy is doing so well going potty on the little training pads.  He might never need to go outside since he's only going to get up to 4 pounds (at most).  We took a bunch of pictures of him chewing on my shoes and people's fingers.  I also got a really cute one of him kissing Jamie all over the face.  Can you imagine his little tiny kisses?! Hopefully I can figure out how to upload them so I can post them on here.  

The puppy would play with us for a little while, then take a nap, play with us some more, and take another nap.  I can't believe how playful he was - he's so tiny!  He was pretty much the cutest thing ever, I have to say.  I held him an awful lot today, too.  He spent a good chunk of the time we were there asleep on my stomach, cuddled in the palm of my hand (yes, he's that small!)  He's just too cute and I hope I can go over and see him a lot.  I've never gotten to spend so much time with such a tiny puppy and I love it!

After we left (unwillingly), I had to lay down for a while.  My cold (or whatever it is) is a lot worse today.  My nose is stuffy and I'm blowing it constantly.  My throat hurts a lot, so I've been drinking a lot of tea.  Needless to say, my voice is less than mellifluous today.  I wish I had taken some of the cold medicine we have last night.  It is helping a lot today.  I slept some and woke up just in time for dinner.  My mom made some delicious glazed ham, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes with homemade gravy.  Everything was really good, but I didn't feel too hot after eating.  I had been feeling a little nauseous all day, too.  Ugh (again).  My mom picked me up some more medicine, though, plus some delicious Luden's drops which help my throat feel so much better.

March 7: I slept a lot better last night.  I think part of the reason was that I took medicine before bed, and I also think I might be getting a little better.  I hope so!  I went to bed at a decent time last night, too.  I slept in the guest room because I didn't want to wake James up in the middle of the night and it was more comfortable to sleep on my own.  I didn't wake up in the middle of the night, but I did wake up kind of early (I think on my own), and went back to bed - more sleep should mean less sick, I hope.  I slept in on purpose so I could work on getting better.  For lunch, I had some more chicken soup and James and I watched Broken Flowers on netflix.  It was really boring and there was no closure at the end.  I didn't really like it. 

Later on I watched Jamie play his Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning game.  It was pretty interesting.  The style reminds me of my Legends of Zelda game on gamecube (Windwaker).  A lot of the characters looked pretty funny, too.  Funny in a haha way.  It looks like fun, though.  I guess he played it a bunch while I was at my house.  Like pretty much the whole time, I guess.  (Just kidding!)  I didn't feel like doing much else besides sitting around, so it was nice to just watch him play something cool.

Later on, I checked up on our group discussion board.  We have a bunch more projects due in Workgroup soon - Excel and Powerpoint projects.  There are 6 total due on the 11th.  No one has picked any yet, so I volunteered for one of the powerpoints and said I'd help out with Excel, too.  I think I'd like to work on one of the projects that's worth more points because I'm not sure I trust some of our group members to do everything thoroughly.  We missed a few points on some Word projects because they didn't follow directions.  I'd just like to make sure everything is done right.  (Even though I made comments on those projects, the group members who did them didn't make changes.  It's frustrating.)

Jamie's parents took us out to Arby's for dinner because they're having a deal on their roast beef BBQ sandwiches.  I can't be sure how they really tasted since I can't smell anything (and thus my sense of taste is severely dulled), but I think they tasted pretty good.  I also got some cheddar curly fries (Mmmm).  It was very yummy.

We stopped by Lowes, so James and I wandered about and picked out stuff for our future house.  We picked out wood floors (James found them - I told him he has great taste in floors), a front door, kitchen counters (this amazing granite that I'm in love with), faucets, a kitchen faucet, a front door handle, and a rug.  It was pretty fun.  It's interesting to see the types of things he likes.  He says that he likes old looking things more.  I like both modern and old, so hopefully it won't be too hard to compromise when decorating/designing our house one day.  

I used to think about decorating my house as if I were going to make most/all the decisions, but I think I'm realizing more that I'm going to have to compromise.  I guess I just figured he wouldn't care about that sort of thing.  I just need to stop worrying about how I'm not going to get everything exactly how I want it and be more open to compromises.  It's something I've known about forever but didn't fully grasp - it's something you have to experience, I guess.  There seem to be a lot of those types of things in life.  

It was a lot of fun looking at all the home stuff with James, though.  When we got back to his house, I worked on my JavaScript project, but I'm still having problems.  I got some of it to work, which is progress!  Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out tomorrow without having to ask the prof for extra help.  I know it's her job, but I need to be able to work it out on my own.  This is something I may potentially need to do in my day-to-day job, so I have to have a handle on it.  I don't think I'm doing too bad, though.  I should be able to get it right on my own.

Sorry I haven't been posting every day.  I've been pretty sick the past few days, though.  One thing is that I'm not always in the mood to write.  The other is that I'm running out of Polyvore pictures to use for my posts!  I'm really trying to get a post written about every day, though.  I haven't missed one yet!  It's easier to make a post the day of or the day after, but I do my best to try to remember the main things I did/experienced every day.  


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