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March 26 & 27: Wacky for Wedding Ideas

What to Wear: Job Interview

What to Wear: Job Interview by bunni711 featuring a pleated blouse

Timorous (TIM-er-us) adj. - Showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence [Google Dictionary]; easily frightened; fearful [m-w.com]

March 26: Today James and I made some chocolate chip pancakes for lunch, which were delicious.  I also started reading Catch-22, which is a pretty strange book so far, but funny.  Earlier, I watched James finish Mass Effect 3 and play a home run derby on his baseball game.  Apparently, there was a big fuss about the ending to Mass Effect 3, but I didn't think it was that bad.  I guess the decisions you made throughout the game didn't have any affect on how the ending turned out.  It's silly that people actually made a petition about it, though, and raised money (although they apparently gave the money to charity).

Later on, James and I got milkshakes at DQ before we headed over to my house.  We also stopped by the library to take back our movies and unload 1Q84. (Finally!  That book actually took me one day less than a month to finish.  I was pretty busy otherwise, that's my excuse.)  We picked up City of Ember on dvd, too, but I'm going to watch that on my own.

After we got to my house, we played some Skip-bo and watched TV.  I also started drawing out the owl for a project I'm going to do.  There is this owl painting my mom has that is really awesome, so I traced out the outline of it and added in different shapes inside (like circles in the middle, a diamond shape on the head, lines on the wings, etc.).  I'm going to cute those shapes out and use them as templates for cutting scrapbook paper that I will later put together as a sort of mosaic.  I think it's going to look really cute.  I got everything drawn out tonight, but I'm not sure if I'm happy with it yet.  We'll see.

We had my favorite meal again tonight (Chicken Noodle Casserole).  I had way too much of it, though, and felt stuffed full.  I think everyone ended up eating too much because it was soo yummy.  Later on, though, everyone seemed to get an upset stomach.  I won't blame it on the chicken noodle casserole.  That stuff was really amazing.  (*drools)

March 27: I woke up late today and didn't feel well at all.  I was on Pinterest in the morning looking at some wedding ideas.  Then, mom made us both some sausage and egg sandwiches which were yummy.  My tummy still felt weird, though, and I started feeling under the weather after lunch.  It feels like I'm getting a cold or something.  I took a good long nap to try to nip this thing in the bud and felt a little better afterward.  Teddy woke me up barking at the door, though.  Ugh.

Earlier I also caught up on my group work for the Productivity class.  The guy working on this project already has most of it done, but I couldn't open any of the files he posted except for one which I wasn't sure was the last draft or not.  Later on, James told me that the files were e-mailed to us, so at least now I know what to comment on.  We're missing a table of contents at this point (it's actually another proposal - yay, not).  I'm really going to dig into it tomorrow because no one else has made any editing remarks so far and I want to make sure it's the best we can do before it's turned in.  I'm not sure if they guy doing the project knows that the due date was moved up from tomorrow to April 4, so hopefully he gets the message before he turns it in.  What I've noticed so far, though, is that our organization needs work and it's a bit sparse.

I also changed a lot of the patterns I had made on the owl yesterday.  I erased the diamond and the concentric circles on its belly and replaced that with some feathers which look a lot better.  I think it looks really good now.  I was excited to start working on it, but I feel pretty yucky today.  I think I'm going to have to get some more sleep and get to it tomorrow.

Mom made me some chicken soup for dinner, which was so good.  It made me feel a bit better, too.  I haven't read much of the book today, but it's mostly because I've been so tired.  After dinner (and a bit before, too - and also during, actually), I was downloading free fonts from www.myfonts.com.  I thought they might have some free ones, but there ended up being A LOT of them.  I was kind of addicted.  I ended up downloading over 100 of them tonight - now I just need to figure out how to install them on Word so I can use them. Hopefully it works out!

After that, I watched New Girl, but ended up missing Raising Hope.  I watched America's Next Top Model online after that.  (The season finale of Face Off isn't online yet.  : P)  Then, I went back on Pinterest and found some more cool ideas for my future wedding (it's not official official yet, but we are planning on getting married).  Here are a few:

  • succulents in bouquets and centerpieces (and boutonnieres)
  • sparklers instead of bubbles/rice/petals for when we leave the ceremony or reception
  • old books and mason jars for centerpieces
  • baby's breath bouquets
  • mustaches on sticks with guests names on them for escort cards
  • chocolate lollipops for favors (you can make them in different shapes with plastic molds)
  • stickers (and magnets) for save the dates
  • s'mores snack bar
  • wax seals for invites
  • giant picture frame for wedding photos (that wedding party holds up)
  • scrabble tiles for place cards
  • paper flowers for decorations/on favors
  • cookies w/ guests names on them for favors/place cards
  • caricatures at the reception
That's a pretty long list, but I have a bunch of cool ideas now to really make it our own.  Most of the ideas I had before were kind of generic, but these incorporate us a lot more.  That makes me happy.  : )  I definitely want plum purple to be the main color, and I really like peacock colors as possible other tie-in colors.  Otherwise, I like the idea of the green of the succulents being the other color, plus cream.

Anywho, today has been a weird day.  I feel so tired and I probably am actually getting sick.  I don't usually get sick all that often, and now seems like a strange time for it.  Maybe it's because the weather has been wonky lately, changing around quickly and drastically whenever it feels like it.

Oh yeah, I got around to looking up my grade on the proposal today.  Yesterday I was too scared; I felt very timorous about what the outcome would be.  I ended up getting a 95 on the paper and a 97 on my graphics.  I was surprised.  I had been bracing myself for a bad grade (I had so much anxiety about it and so much trouble concentrating that I was sure I'd get something terrible).  That's the best grade I've gotten in this class so far.  I'm so relieved!

Welp, I think that's about it.  I'm excited about my new fonts.  I decided I'd really like to make my own save the dates, invitations, and ceremony programs and the new fonts really give me something to work with.  I know a wedding is something very far off at this point, but it's just fun to look forward and think about it.  I never really understood before about how important it is to put elements of yourselves into the wedding, but I really get that now.  It just makes the planning more fun!  Part of that is thinking about our relationship and what makes us unique and what we will be celebrating on that day - which is the most important part!  I know it's easy for people to forget what the wedding is all about, but I really want to keep the celebration at the center.

Enough about weddings!  Good night!


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