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April 2 & 3: Puppy Preoccupation

Parisian Afternoon

Parisian Afternoon by bunni711 featuring a chain necklace

Prolix (pro-LICKS) adj. - long and wordy; tedious [Webster's]; (of speech or writing) using or containing too many words; tediously lengthy [Google Dictionary]

April 2: Today James and I picked up a Digiorno pizza for lunch and took advantage of a deal on m&ms - 2 medium sized bags for $4.  It was a pretty bad idea because we ended up with a crap ton of m&ms once we split them (we got one bag of plain and one peanut and split each in half).  I ate way too many, of course, and still have a bunch left.  I didn't think it was going to be so much!  

While we ate, we were going to watch Warehouse 13 (we did finally watch the Christmas episode the other day) using the SyFy app on his 360, but we found out you can't actually watch episodes on it (or at least you can only watch certain ones, I'm not sure which).  Instead, we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It was so good!  I really, really liked the movie.  I thought it was cool, the dialogue was witty, and the story was amazing.  I really love the character of Holly Golightly.  She's not just a fashion icon (as she's generally depicted), but a fiery, independent female lead with a past and a wild side... yeah I'm in love with the movie! Really, I think it's one of my favorite movies now.  I'm excited because there honestly aren't a whole lot of movies that I fall in love with and can watch over and over.  I really think this is one of those movies, though.  I'm pretty excited.

Later on, we headed over to my house.  I had to finish up my memo for tech writing.  I found out that my draft didn't post to the discussion board (it must have been some sort of error), so I didn't get any feedback on it at all.  It's frustrating, but I'm trying to take it in stride.  I had to take a break from working on it after I found out, but I went back later on and got it done.  I had to change the pretty fonts I used because they didn't show up on anyone else's computer.  It actually distorted the headings and caused the memo to go onto 3 pages, so I didn't have a choice.  Hopefully they don't mess up for my prof, otherwise she'll probably give me a crap grade on it.  Ugh.

James and I played Skip-bo later on (after dinner), but he wasn't feeling very well.  We sat in my room and talked some while he rested, but he had to leave a bit early.  I read some before bed and went online, but that was about it for tonight.

April 3:  I stayed up kind of late last night, but wasn't overly tired this morning.  I didn't really do much this morning, but after lunch I finally published some new sets on Polyvore.  I had a bunch in the works but wasn't satisfied with how they looked, but I finaggled them and finally got some of them to look nice.  The one on this post was actually a new one.  I'm pretty happy with it and the other ones.  I also entered one of them into a group contest, so we'll see how that turns out.

Later on, I watched the episode of House that I missed and then watched America's Next Top Model.  I like that show, even though some people probably think it's dumb.  I'm surprised that it's still doing so well/ is still good after so many seasons.  I especially like the cool photo shoots they do and it was interesting to see them go for casting and walk in a show this week.  I'm glad that there doesn't seem to be a "villain" this season to make everything overly dramatic, but I guess we'll see if that changes.

Earlier I was playing around with Draw (Open Office) and Design (Expression Studio), trying to make cool logos.  I didn't make much progress, especially with Draw (I think I need directions for that one because individual study is not working out so well).  In Design, I figured out how to use the warp tool and use layers to change fonts to look how I want them too, but I definitely need more practice at it.  I'll have to look up videos or directions to help me out.  I've decided to try to make a bunch of cool logos.  It'll be good practice for website design.  I think I'm really leaning toward the design side instead of the coding side, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a job in design without a background in graphic design. That's another reason why it might be a good idea to take that class in the fall - Digital Image Manipulation.  We'll see.

After my dad left for his meeting and before my mom came home, my grandma called and asked if I wanted to meet her new puppy who was over for a visit.  He's not even 5 weeks old yet and soo tiny.  The little guy is coming home on Thursday.  They're leaving the mom early because she has an infection (something to do with feeding) and he is already eating real food like baby food chicken, some soft dog food (chicken and rice), and some kind of cereal.  He is so, so adorable!  The little guy is a chihuahua (half standard, half teacup), white with black spots, and his name is My Buddy Spot.  His nickname is SpotBot.  He has a big black splotch on his butt, a little one on his back, and his head is mostly black except around his mouth and a line down his forehead.  His little tail curls a little (especially when he walks!) and it's half black, half white.

I got to hold the little puppy for most of the time I was there.  I was there for over an hour, maybe even an hour and a half.  I had to take Teddy since I was here alone, but he didn't behave at my grandma's house.  He was playing with Delgado (my cousin's dog), but then he noticed the tiny puppy and went nuts.  He was whining and trying to get at him (he had to be held back), licking his chops the whole time.  I was afraid he would try to gobble the poor thing up, so we didn't let him near the puppy.  Delgado is really good with him, though - very loving and gentle.  Once when Teddy was whining and crying, the little puppy started whining too in his little tiny voice.  It was so adorable!

The puppy is so tiny that he can fit in the palm of my hand.  He's only going to get between 2 1/2 to 4 pounds.  I mostly held him, but let him walk some, too.  He walked up onto my shoulder and onto the couch and I had to rescue him from the cushions!  I let him walk on the couch later - he was sniffing around and trying to walk off the edge; then he squatted down and peed a little puddle the size of a quarter (at most).  I was surprised he never peed on me.  (I was thinking it the whole time.)  I told my grandma his nickname should be Puddles.

He started looking sleepy, but I wanted to see if he'd walk on the floor (my grandma mentioned that he would come to you if you made kissy noises at him), but he just stood there, so I picked him back up and snuggled him so he could go to sleep.  The little thing just curled right up into a ball with his little nose tucked under my arm and dozed off.  I saw him yawn later on and about died!  I held him while he slept for a long time and didn't want to let him go when the owners came back to get him.  My mom came after work, too (I left her a note) and we called my dad after his meeting to come see him.  They both got to hold him.  He's so soft and cute and tiny!  I told James his little black nose is about the size of the head of a push pin.  I took a couple of pictures, but I'm still not sure how to get them online from my phone.  I'm the least tech savvy 20-something I know - when it comes to cell phones, anyway!  

Sorry if my spiel on the puppy dog was a bit prolix - what can I say? I love dogs!  Anywho, later on I watched Alcatraz online.  Oh yeah, and earlier I got a message from the guy in my group I was having problems with before.  He said he really liked the newsletter I did, and later on suggested some grammar fixes (I don't think I need them, though).  The other two people in the group still haven't gotten back to me about their descriptions in the newsletter.  I'll have to make something up if they don't.  We also haven't gotten a draft of the mail merge letters yet, or a second draft of the questionnaire.  Hopefully they get done because we all have to share the grades for these things!  Despite all the issues I found with the proposal, we got full credit for it.  It seems like this lady won't be a hard grader, so that's a relief.  I just need to make some last tweaks to it and turn it in tomorrow.

Welp, I'm off to bed.  I've been reading more of Catch-22 and I really like it so far.  It's funny and quirky and interesting.  I like all the characters because they are so rich and so crazy.  The time jumps are a little disorienting, but I think I get the main details so far.  I'm maybe 1/3 of the way through.  I'll probably read some more before bed and such.


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