Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 1: Wicked Good Fun

Wicked: an inspired collection

Wicked: an inspired collection by bunni711 featuring crystal rings

Today I made this beautiful fashion artwork, which is my interpretation of the Wicked Witches, with a little help from the book.  I really did like parts of the book, even though the ending was a major letdown.  I'm ridiculously happy with how this thing turned out.  I imagine West as sexy but lethal, and East is a rich princess but still deadly, too.  Ah, just so much fun!

So today I have to say that I didn't get much done until the evening.  That's usually when I work best, anyway.  I found out that although we have only one chapter to do for networking this week, there are 26 labs (yes, that is not a typo!)  I was able to knock out 16 of them today, though.  (I really wanted to start my JavaScript project, but I needed to get the labs done so James can use my computer to do his).  Mostly it's the reading that takes up the most time because I like to read the book and do the labs as I go along so that when I'm done I'm ready to take the quiz.  We also have a written assignment due, too.  Plus, I have homework for my web design classes and should start on my technical writing paper due next week.  Who thought four classes could be so much work!  Networking will be over at the end of this month, but I'm worried the two new classes in March won't offer much reprieve.  It's always the semesters you think will be easiest that end up biting you in the butt.

I also made a set in purple, gray, and black today which I started yesterday.  It has comfy yoga pants, a loose tank top, and a cozy sweater.  I'm trying to make outfits that are still stylish but that I would also wear and be comfortable in.  One of the reasons I don't dress up much is that it's never comfortable.  I'm sure most girls would love fashionably comfy clothes.

I spent this morning finishing up The Pelican Brief.  I was disappointed; it was a pretty boring book.  I'm not sure if I really want to read any other books he has written, but I will probably still try The Firm - it sounds pretty good.  This is what's up next:

Water for ElephantsWater for Elephants by Sara Gruen

I've read a little of the introduction and first chapter (not all of either, though) because I like to get a feel for how the book is written to see if I'm interested.  It seems like it will be good from what I've read.  I'm gonna start on that tomorrow - I can't believe how far behind I am now!  I guess it's only a few days, but those can build up.  I'd really like to make the goal this year.  My best year so far was last year with 31 books, so this will be a big step, but if I can stay on track with a book a week, I can make it.

I've also been on Pinterest a lot.  That site is addictive, and I can definitely waste some time one there.  There is a bed spring poking me in the butt right now which makes it very uncomfortable to sit on this bed!  Well, it's late anyway and I should get to bed.  I've been going to bed really late since I've been home - it seems to be becoming a habit.  I'm excited to see James tomorrow.  I have a surprise or two for him.  : )


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