Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 13: Friday the Thirteenth!

Frame Bookshelves

Frame Bookshelves by bunni711 featuring black pearl jewelry

Well, I stayed up pretty late last night making that french travel journal (see previous day's post), and I was still full of ideas and inspiration when I went to bed.  I made five more pieces of art on Polyvore today, which sounds nuts even to me.  I don't know why, but I find it a lot of fun and I'm getting a lot of ideas.  I think they all look really cool, and since I made so many today, there will be new ones coming out on the blog each day for a while!

I also found out that there are competitions on the site, so I think I'm going to submit something for it.  The theme is what you would wear to an American Idol audition.  I don't watch the show, but I used to watch the tryouts a few years ago.  They can be pretty funny. I think I should try to get to bed at a better time tonight, though, and it's already getting late.  I'll tackle that tomorrow, I guess.

So, apparently our other book for the networking class won't be here in time to do our homework this week.  I'm going to have to write to my teacher again about it.  We're going to be a bit behind and I'm just hoping that she will understand and let us take the quizzes late, too.

The cell company never called me back, so I'm going to have to call them, AGAIN.  It's getting so ridiculously old.

I'm about halfway through Wicked.  I like it so far.  I think it's really cool that the author included political turmoil in his land of Oz.  He shows the story in a different light, but I think it will end up in the same vein as the original story.

Teddy is feeling much better and is now jumping on and off the furniture whenever we turn our backs.  It's so frustrating because as soon as he feels better, he starts again.  I just really don't want him to hurt himself again.  We are working on ideas for stairs and I already have a plan on how to teach him to use them.  It involves looots of treats.  You know, that gives me an idea for another Polyvore artwork, hehe.

Other than that, I finished the first season of that Face Off show.  I wish there had been more than four episodes online, but I enjoyed what there was.  I'm probably going to watch the first episode of the new season tomorrow.  And, I should probably get that networking homework (what little I can do!) out of the way.

Well, I'm super tired.  I'm gonna read and then hit the sack.  Hope you have a wonderful day!


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