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March 20, 21, & 22: Realization

LBD w/ Statement Necklace

LBD w/ Statement Necklace by bunni711 featuring a snake necklace

Oppugn (uh-PYOON) v. - to call in question []; Call into question the truth or validity of [Google Dictionary]

March 20: Today I decided to get an account on reddit and explore the maze that is subreddits.  I have to say, it is a pretty cool site.  There is so much on there, it's kind of nuts.  I found a lot of cool subreddits that I liked.  I read an IAMA about a man who had just gotten out of prison after 5 1/2 years.  It was super interesting.  You can ask the person anything.  I didn't comment on anything yet, though.  It seems like you can really open yourself up to some drama if you're not careful with your comments or where you leave them.  I found some subreddits that I could really relate to, so I feel pretty good about it so far.  I'll have to look into more subreddits tomorrow.

I watched the first episode of the new ANTM season, which is pretty much a competition between 7 American models and 7 British models.  It's kind of interesting, but I find it very devious that they pitted the countries against one another from the beginning.  It's sure to create lots of drama, and I suppose that's what they're aiming for.  I realized today that I have 3 episodes of Alcatraz to catch up on.  It always seems like I'm catching up on shows.

I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with my JavaScript/Multimedia professor on the class chat room.  Apparently I will be able to share my desktop with her so she can finally see my video from the project before.  She also said she can help me out with my JavaScript while we're on there.  I really hope we can figure out what's wrong with my code since practically nothing works.

By the way, happy first day of Spring!

March 21: I stayed up pretty late last night, so I'm feeling pretty beat today.  I'm not sure why, but I got kind of nervous about my meeting today with my professor, even though we aren't even meeting in person.  It's something very illogical that I do, and it's automatic, so I can't really control it.  I was kind of worried that we would be voice chatting.  I just always get nervous talking to people.  Ugh!  Well, it ended up that we didn't do voice chat, which was nice for me.  The share tool on the chat actually only shared the specific application I wanted to show her (instead of my whole desktop).  We also talked about JavaScript - we spent two hours on it!  We worked out most of the bugs, but there was still one last thing we couldn't find when we got off.  She said we could e-mail each other if one of us found the code that was wrong.  I found it shortly after we got off the chat and everything worked perfectly.  It was such a relief!  I turned it in late, but I think I learned a lot from this project that will hopefully help me on future ones.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon looking at subreddits.  There are soo many!  I found one for crochet, scrapbooking, a few for crafts in general, some for writing, some for graphic design, and a lot more.  I was on there a looong time.  It felt like I was getting lost in subreddits.  Later on, I watched the other two episodes of ANTM that are online.  This season seems different from the others, but I'm not quite sure why (apart from there being non-Americans on it, of course).  I find the photo shoots really interesting sometimes.  I don't watch the show for the drama.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since I got everything taken care of and turned in for those two classes.  Now I feel like I can really relax and enjoy my break.  It's nice to sit back and think that I have another half a week left of break.  Ahhhh...  : )

I'm getting closer to the end of my book.  At this point, I'm close to 150 pages to the end of 1Q84.  The book is 925 pages long!  It was actually originally published as three separate books in Japan!  I like it a lot so far, but I'm afraid there isn't enough time to really wrap things up well at the end.  Perhaps this is actually a series and I don't know it?  (Kind of like with A Discovery of Witches!)  I'm excited to get to the end, though.  It's time to read something new.

When I was on reddit late last night, I found a subreddit on anxiety, which led me to a link on revisions for the new DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for psychologists).  I was looking through the symptoms for General Anxiety, which says that you must experience anxiety in two areas of life for this diagnosis.  I definitely have anxiety over school (and social anxiety, but that's a different diagnosis), so I tried to think about other areas in my life in which I might have anxiety.  I'm not diagnosing myself here (after all, I only have a B.A. in psych), but I just realized that I have anxiety about my relationship with James, too.

I never understood this before, but it's absolutely true.  It explains a lot of my feelings, fears, etc.  I think just recognizing this fact will help me overcome it, but I'm really not sure what to do.  I think I need to realize when I am being anxious and stop the negative energy before it goes too far.  I'm not generally an insecure person (in fact, I've become pretty confident in recent years, especially in comparison to how I was in high school), but I still find myself having insecure feelings or thoughts at times about our relationship, oppugning his feelings for me.  There is no reason at all for me to feel that way (I think you can tell by my posts that we have an amazing relationship).  James and I frequently tell each other how much we love each other, we're always complimenting one another, and we're both very affectionate.  We spend a lot of time together, too.  We do a lot of things together and we like most of the same stuff.  There is no reason at all for me to feel anxious about his feelings for me.  When I sit down and think clearly about it (not letting the anxiety take over), then I can see for sure that we have something really amazing and that, by George, that man I am crazy in love with feels the same about me!

I guess some of that anxiety probably stems from my unstable self-image.  Most of the time I like the person I am, but other times I am hard on myself or just feel confused about what I'm doing and where I'm going in life - which makes me doubt who I am as a person.  I have to work harder on loving myself so that I can truly recognize how much James loves me.  In this case, I guess I have to suspend disbelief.

March 22: James came over today, and I was really excited to see him.  I missed him so much!  I feel like each and every day I am falling more in love with him.  I read some of his comments on reddit the other day - he sounds so smart when he talks about sports and he has a very intelligent way of expressing himself.  This is something I don't necessarily get to see all the time: how he interacts with others.  He always speaks intelligently when we talk about stuff (politics, religion, entertainment, world events, you name it).  It's just one more element of who he is that attracts me to him.  I love finding out new things about him or understanding him in a new light.

I don't know what people mean when they say that "familiarity breeds contempt" (or how people can get bored being with the same person, really).  The better I know James, the more I love him.  I think when people feel bored with someone the more they get to know them, it is a good sign that you are not meant to be with that person.  Or maybe it's more of an attitude thing: I just find great joy in knowing another person deeply and more completely every day.

We headed over to the library and I got Catch-22 out again.  I'm really going to read it this time!  I also got A Wizard of Earthsea by Ersula K. LeGuin.  I read the series when I was a kid and the second book (The Tombs of Atuan) really stuck with me.  I hope I like it this time around.  Sometimes books you loved as a kid fall flat when you're older.  We still have J. Edgar and Hugo out, and we'll probably watch them this weekend.  James mentioned the possibility of going to see The Hunger Games in the theater on Sunday.  I really hope we can!  I think the movie will be good and it will be a fun day out.  We don't really go out that much.

We also got some polar pops and when we got back, I tried out the waterfall braids on Meghan.  (She came back home last night from her boyfriend's house).  It was messy and kind of difficult, but pretty nice for not having had any directions!  I also curled my mom's hair.  It's growing out from being really short, so she wanted to do something with it since it's looking kind of awkward (at least she thinks so).  It turned out really nice.  Meghan took a pic on her phone, so maybe I can put it up here soon.

After I finished my mom's hair, we went to the store to pick up stuff to make chicken stir-fry.  We usually make it with sausages, but it was pretty good with chicken, too.  We get a bag of mixed veggies for it that has water chestnuts in it - they are soo good!  We also picked up some ice cream.

I'm making progress on my book.  I've got less than 120 pages to go.  I'm getting there!  I'm hoping to finish it up in the next couple of days (definitely during break).  Then I'll probably start Catch-22 so I can make sure I actually read it this time around.  I had it for about 2 months last time, but ended up finding 1Q84, and getting through it is no small feat.  I just kept reading other things first.

Anywho, sorry about all these triple posts lately.  I guess I've been busy with other things and haven't felt as much like writing.  I will keep sticking with it, though.  I enjoy writing these posts and I think it's been really good for me. Other than that, the weather has been really nice lately (it was pretty hot when we were walking around town earlier).  It almost feels like summer already.  Enjoy the weather and have a great night!


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