Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 16 & 17: Happiness

Disney Princesses: Belle

Disney Princesses: Belle by bunni711 featuring metallic gold shoes

Feb 16: Jamie came over today and we stopped by the library to drop off some movies we had, plus a game we had gotten out - Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii.  I wasn't very good at it, but it was pretty fun.  Tough on the thumbs, though.  We picked out some more movies, and they all ended up being superhero movies.  We got The Green Lantern, Captain America, and X-Men First Class.

We had some delicious chocolate chip waffles for dinner and watched a bunch of tv.  When we were leaving to go back to his house, we accidentally dropped my leftover Valentine's chocolate in a mud puddle.  It was pretty funny - saved me some calories.  (That, kids, is sarcasm!)

I got all of chapter 10 labs done for networking.  I can't believe that class ends next week.  Then I pick up two more - ugh.  I found out what I got on my directions paper, too.  It was a B (with the 10% off), but that's what I was expecting.  I'm glad it wasn't worse.

Feb 17: Today was a good day.  James and I just hung out and had fun all day.  I did get chapter 11 labs done today, so it wasn't all fun and games.  James got a bunch of work done, too.  We watched some tv, including an episode of The Office that we missed.  It was pretty funny.  I have a bunch of 30 Rock episodes to catch up on (like 4).

I've been reading my book (The Help) more and I really like it so far.  I'm always happy when I have a good book to read.  Generally, I pick good ones to read, but sometimes I end up with flops like The Pelican Brief (just your standard "thriller" book).  I hope that if I ever write a book I don't settle for writing generic crap just so I can make more money.  (I'm not saying that particular book was crap, though.  It was just mediocre.)  I find that popular authors often start cranking out pretty terrible books after a while.  I think it's because you have as much time as you need to write the first one, and then you only have so long to write other ones after that.  I think the pressure of the contract and coming up with a great idea in such a short span of time is just a recipe for a pretty unimpressive book.  I think if I ever really did write a good book, I might never sign on for more because then the subsequent books would just plain suck.  I'm not that great at coming up with good book ideas on the fly - especially ones with well-developed plot lines and characters.  That's what makes so many books by popular authors bad.  I think it's also what makes so many popular movies bad - they just don't have enough time to formulate a great story line and character progression.  I would rather write an amazing book than be rich for writing a bunch of sub par books.  I'm on a tangent, though.

We had some Burger King for dinner, but we had a long wait before his parents got home form grocery shopping.  They also had to pick up Jamie's nephew (yeah, it happens pretty much every week!)  We were pretty hungry, though, but I ate some of that new Krave cereal with the chocolate inside.  It was pretty delicious.  Burger King was really good (we got some chicken sandwiches because they're on sale now, plus those new fries which I pretty much love!) but I did get sick off of it.  Fast food is just not a great thing to eat.  We probably won't eat out very often once we get our own place, but I'm not going to complain.

We watched The Green Lantern while we ate.  It was alright; it wasn't terrible.  I think it suffered from the same lack of development that I was talking about before.  Plus, I looked up some Green Lantern stuff after it was over, and apparently Parallax was originally the name Hal Jordan took after he became a villain.  I guess in later comics it was the personification of fear, kind of like in the movie.  I wonder why they chose that name, though.  It's actually an astronomy term, but I think they probably chose it because it sounds cool.

Jamie's parents picked us up some snacks, including my fav m&ms (peanut butter!)  I didn't eat them, though, on account of my being ridiculously full from dinner.  I shall save them, though.  Mmmmm...

Jamie is sitting next to me looking at memes on reddit.  He bursts out laughing periodically while I'm typing this.  He's so cute.  <3  I'm gonna go cuddle him and look at the funny pictures he's laughing at.  Goodnight!


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