Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 29: Leap Day!

Yellow, Black, and White Outfit

Yellow, Black, and White Outfit by bunni711 featuring a trench coat

Insipid (adj.) - 2. uninteresting; dull [Webster's]; Lacking vigor or interest [Google Dictionary]

Today I woke up early and felt like getting things done.  First, I started on that set on Polyvore for Converse and Lady Footlocker.  The winner gets a year's worth of Converses!  That's 12 pairs, and if you get runner up, you get 6 pairs.  That would be a dream come true for me!  I woke up with the idea for my set already in my head, so I got started on it pretty much right away.  I think it looks pretty good so far, but I like to leave my sets for a while and come back to them with fresh eyes.  It helps keep the ideas flowing better.

I also did a lot of cleaning today in my room.  I went through a bunch of boxes and found homes for their contents, did a bit of decorating, and put away a bunch of clothes.  I hung a big map of the world on the wall by my bed and I'm really happy with it.  It is a bit crooked, but I don't know if I've ever been able to hang anything level.  We really should get a level around here.  There is so much more space in my room now.  It makes me feel really good to have a nice, clean space.  I still have a bit more un-cluttering to do - just finding places for random things - but it is looking so good right now.  I'm hoping to hang some pictures tomorrow, along with the new jewelry box I got for Christmas.  It's not a regular jewelry box; it is more like a shadow box sort of thing but with a door on the front that can hold pictures.  I cut out some pictures from magazines to fill the picture openings because none of my pictures fit in them.  I didn't want to cut any of them to fit, either.  The pictures aren't of people or anything, but they're more aesthetic sort of pictures.  There was a cool rug I found, a wall hanging, and a couple of cool designs from ads that I put in there.  I think it looks pretty cool, but I still might change them out.

After running about and doing all that work, I started not to feel very well, so I lay down and ended up falling asleep.  I hadn't even planned on taking a nap, and it honestly didn't even feel like it.  I was just out.  When I woke up, I felt a little better but still weird.  I had some peanut butter because I thought maybe it was low blood sugar or something (pb usually helps).  I hung out with Teddy while my parents ran some errands.

After that, I finally beat those two levels of golf solitaire!  I was pretty excited.  I must have played them over and over about a million times.  Later, I wrote my last paper for networking and filled out the class evaluation.  I liked the class.  I actually sort of enjoyed doing the online labs.  It wasn't insipid sort of work.  I think it's just nice to do something hands-on.  One thing that I didn't like much about working on my Bachelor's degree was that we heard a lot of lectures but didn't get to do anything hands-on.  I'm sure if I had gone after the Master's degree, I would have gotten to do a lot more hands-on work, but I had a lot of reasons for not going for it.  I am starting to wonder if this new degree was a good idea, though.  There seems to be a lot of work to get the associate's degree and I'm not learning a whole lot about web design.  Those classes make up a fraction of the classes I need to take for this degree.  It's frustrating.  Honestly, I just don't think the college education system really works the way it is now.  Maybe that's just my experience, though.  Maybe other colleges offer a different learning experience from the one I've had.  I value my own experience, of course.

I watched The Bachelor later in the evening.  It's down to two ladies now.  I don't like all the exaggerated drama, but I watch the show for those rare moments when people let their guard down and really show who they are - when they're vulnerable.  I don't know; maybe I'm looking for a feeling - empathy, perhaps.  I think I just like to see relationships unfold and see how people work.

After that, I caught the new episode of Face Off.  They had some really cool make-ups today.  Some of their work is very inspiring.  I read my book during the commercials and I'm about to go read some more of it now, too.  Hopefully I'll get a bunch more done tomorrow, including some more of my room and some headway on that proposal paper.  Oh yeah, and JavaScript.  I'm just not very excited about writing the proposal - the whole deal feels very insipid to me.  I'll just have to muddle through it.  There never seems to be a break with these online classes, I'm telling you.


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