Friday, May 6, 2011

Columns Galore

So, I'm finally getting around to posting my columns from the paper last semester.  These are in no particular order, except I did put the government and media columns in order since they go together.  Also, these do not seem to be all of my column articles, so I will have to post the rest whenever I can get them from my computer, which will probably not be this summer due to internet snafus at home.  Anywho, here are the links:

6 Reasons Not to Finish That Pesky Math Homework - websites to waste your time on

Let's Keep it Civilized - disagreeing on religion

Cheap and Easy: Halloween Edition - costume ideas you can make yourself

Gender Identity: Normal or Disorder 

Make Time for Things You Love 

Can the Government Force You to be Healthy? - graphic images on cigarette packaging

We Need a Media Invasion - solutions to the growing problem of youth smoking (goes w/ above)

How to Love the Way You Look - loving your body the way it is

Changing Gender Stereotypes - male gender stereotypes

End of a Love Affair - how I fell out of love with politics

You Have the Right to Remain... Totally Confused - religious stereotyping

In other news, I'm starting a new blog about design, which will perhaps include clothing, shoes, and the like.  I'll post the link when I've decided on a name!

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