Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All the Good Women

I am listening to an interview with Sharron Angle (Republican Senator) on the Rachel Maddow Show right now. One question keeps smacking me across the brain:  Where are all the good women in politics?  Alright, the guy interviewing her (John Ralston) played tape of her saying she wanted to get rid of Medicare and Social Security. On a Republican talk show, however, she said we have to protect these programs.  When asked about this apparent contradiction, she dodged the question, pretty much just saying that she didn't think it was a contradiction.  Yeah... I don't get it either.  

Apparently this lady loves to blame things on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  She blames him for not creating jobs, yet in a different statement, said it was not the job of a Senator to create jobs.  When asked about this, she said it was his job to create an atmosphere conducive to job creation.  What?

Plus, she made a statement recently that she didn't believe it was right to get an abortion in any circumstance.  Not even if raped or in the case of incest or if the life of the mother or baby is at risk.  The reason she gave is that she's a Christian and she believes god has a plan for everyone and uses all kinds of circumstances for good. I don't have a problem with people being religious, I've made that clear in the past.  I do have a problem with using religious ideals for reasons to back (or oppose) political issues.  We have separation of church and state for a reason.  This is a question of morals, but it's a national issue and not all Americans are Christians.  Therefore, it is not fair to use Christian ideals to create policy!  I think most Christians are trying to do a lot of good in the world.  I respect that.  But I do not respect pushing ideals onto others - especially if they are unwilling and have made that position known.  No politician or policymaker or lawmaker or judge or President or anyone in government has the right to push their ideals on the American people.  I suppose that goes either way.  But the bottom line here is that this is not a theocracy, there are other religions (or lack of religion) represented in great numbers in this country, and our Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state!

I'm tired of hearing of all of these Republican women in politics.  I'm sure not all of them are the dunder-headed bimbos I'm ranting against here.  But it seems like there are just too many of those blonde idiots out there trying to run the country and making fools out of themselves.  Palin trying to be President (or even VP for that matter), Mrs. Angle, Ann Coulter... I could go on.  Some of these women say the most ridiculous and stupid things.  And they're a shame to all women.  I'm disgusted.  

Women in politics should not be trying to push their beauty as some kind of qualifying characteristic for office.  Being attractive does not make you more able to run a country or make good policy or anything else, really, besides win beauty pageants.  Maybe if our culture respected intelligence, drive, and strength in women, we wouldn't have so many jokes in our public offices.  I think people didn't like Hillary Clinton because she wasn't what people would call beautiful.  Well, men, keep yourself in your pants and maybe try voting intelligent women into office.  And women, try keeping your prejudices out of it, too, because we all know we like pretty girls as friends better than plain ones.  Well, women in power are not going to be your best friend or your hot date.  They are going to run the country, make important and sometimes life-altering decisions for 300 million people.  

Maybe all the good women are too smart to get into politics.  Makes sense to me!

(And yeah, that picture really says all there is to say.)

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