Monday, May 3, 2010

Let Our Voices Echo

Here in Kent, May 4, 1970 is still in the hearts and minds of all who live or work or learn here.  There have been several news stories in the past few months chronicling the events of that day, and the days leading up to it.  One of the important things that I've learned from these accounts is that protesting really defined that generation.  Students were angry - outraged even - and they weren't afraid to let their government know it.  Even though some protests definitely got out of hand, it's inspiring to see that kind of unification under a common concern among so many young people.

What will define our generation?  Is it perhaps the fact that young people today have more social interactions through text than face-to-face?  Is it our growing apathy toward our own education and futures?  Is it divorce numbers over 50%?  (But, as a side note, they do seem to be falling now.)

What do you want our generation to be defined by?  There are certainly enough social issues brewing today.  What about advances in civil rights, finally allowing the gay and lesbian communities the right to marriage.  What about advances in health care that allow all Americans to have an equal chance at a long, fulfilling life?

We need to speak up - let our voices be heard on the important issues that face us today.  Let's leave our legacy as a generation, stand up for what we believe in - no matter what that is.  We need something that the future will remember us for.  So let's sound our voices in the night and let the echoes ring for generations to come.

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